Friday, September 23, 2011

Milk Chocolate Souldies


Well this is a first gente, Blogger will not accept the covers for this post.
I get a pop up that the characters can not be used, a copyright issue I'm sure.
So that Mac's firme art & font work is not in vain, they are included in the folder.
We both hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as you cruise through the weekend.

01. The Soul Generation - That's The Way It's Got To Be (Body & Soul) [Macabre]
02. Billy Butler & The Chanters - I'm Just A Man [Mello]
03. First Class - What About Me [Macabre]
04. The Whispers - Creation Of Love [Mello]
05. The Ethics - Sad Sad Story [Macabre]
06. The Vows - When A Boy Loves A Girl [Mello]
07. The Montclairs - Make Up For Lost Time [Macabre]
08. Gene Chandler - Man's Temptation [Mello]
09. Big Jay Mc Neely - There Is Something On Your Mind (Pt.1) [Macabre]
10. Honey & The Bees - (You Better) Go Now [Mello]
11. Big Jay Mc Neely - There Is Something On Your Mind (Pt.2) [Macabre]
12. The Delfonics - Tell Me This Is A Dream [Mello]
13. Lovehorn - If [Macabre]
14. The Voice Masters - In Love In Vain [Mello]
15. The Five Stairsteps - World Of Fantasy [Macabre]
16. The Dynamics - Count Your Chips [Mello]
17.The Sunlovers - This Love Of Ours [Macabre]
18. The Elements - I'll Remember You [Mello]
19. Bloodstone - Who Has The Last Laugh Now [Macabre]
20. The Mayberry Movement - What Did I Do Wrong [Mello]


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Yo Face The History of Funk Vol. 1 - 5

What's up Everyone Macabre5150 here to bring you some funky music to you. I had some trouble uploading the covers but I guess this will do. I'm just going to posting the entire set, why wait right? This is a good lookin set so I said why not share it. So now it's here for your listing pleasure. So enjoy the funk and the rest of week take care.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Northern Soul Of... L.A.

Something for the long holiday weekend....enjoy!

01. The Servicemen - Sweet Magic
02. Soul Gents - Wonders Of Love
03. The New Yorkers - You Should Have Told Me
04. The Paramounts - Under Your Spell
05. The Four Tempos - This Is The Way I Feel
06. The Trips - There's That Mountain
07. The Emotions - Do This For Me
08. Shades Of Jade - It Was Wrong
09. The Furys - Anything For You
10. The Mystics - Jealous Of You
11. The Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down
12. The Versatiles - Your Good Enough For Me
13. The Angelenos - Down In East LA.
14. Sun Lovers - You'll Never Make The Grade
15. The Tempos - Sad Sad Memories
16. Inspirations - No One Else Can Take Your Place
17. The Majestics - I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me
18. The Vines - Hey, Hey Baby
19. The Remarkables - Is The Feeling Still There
20. Soul Patrol - Save Your Love
21. The Sinceres - Girl, I Love You
22. The Prominents - Just A Little
23. The Four Sights - Love Is A Hurting Game
24. The Sunlovers - My Poor Heart
25. The Younghearts - Beginning Of The End