Monday, April 9, 2012

Crusin With The Mouse v.1

Hope U all had a great Easter Familia, Im dropin vol.1 of this factory comp , well thats wut im guessin anyways LOL, the cover reads v.2, the back reads v.1 . But its here 4 U to sample if you dont gotz, Enjoy !!


  1. This comp is straight FIRME ese...I had this cd from one of the homies but could never find the covers or where it came from...Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Gracias homie...Big time..


  2. So on point with this one Brownboy. I LOVE the LOVELITES! I have their hits, but its always great to have it already on one cd and then filter in the ones they didn't get put on the cd, like "Got to be There" by The Lovelites.
    Thanks & Blessings,

  3. Orale Brownboy,
    Another firme drop, I have this one but mine is all scratched. So thanks homie for all the firme drops.

  4. THANKS Brownboy!!!!!!! Awesome drop, I love both these groups, thanks for hooking it up!!