Saturday, April 28, 2012

There Is A Thin Red Line Between DooWop & Soul

Hey Familia, Thought id put down another drop 4 U today. Its the weekend ,so unwind a play some smooth tracks....ENJOY...



  1. Nice drop, Brownboy ! I'd heard of this one but hadn't got hold of it till now. Gracias, carnal !

    1. RB, Happy to provide U with the hook up homie!

  2. Sweet drop homie...I like the download button..i can't remember if i have this or not...but either way gracias for the share homie...You are definently putting it down with all the drops ese...

  3. Happy to put the drop down carnal, Love to add to all the familias collection when i can , I grabbed several download button images off the web, dont make my own yet, gotz the idea off the drop from the Chrome Bounce v.2 U & the homies dropped not to long ago on RFTH..

  4. Gracias, thank you for your sharing glad that the links are still up. thank you.