Monday, May 21, 2012

The Lost & Found Vol. 1

Q~Vo Familia
Hope your weekend was as good as mine.
Start of a new week, enjoy!

  1. Can't get over losing you - Donnie Elbert
  2. Just me & you - Notations
  3. I'm looking for a girlfriend - Delfonics
  4. This can't be true - Eddie Holman
  5. I never had a girl - ripples & waves (Jackson 5)
  6. You've hurt me now - Lovelights
  7. Most of all - Monegos
  8. Look back & smile - Billy Stewart
  9. Stop takin me for granted - Mary Wells
  10. What do you want with him - Marvin Gaye
  11. The kingdom of love- Johnnie & Joe
  12. Don't beleive him donna - Jive 5 & Chantels
  13. What can i do (wedding version) - Sir Derrick Harriott
  14. How can you be so foul - Don Julian & The Meadowlarks
  15. Let me dream - Matadors
  16. I still remember - Romancers
  17. I'll try again - The Levetts
  18. I want a chance - The Vows
  19. The magic of here love - Jimmy & Wayne
  20. My first love (you were) - Frankie & Johnnie
  21. My pillow (took your place) - The Numbers
  22. Don't be jealous - Isley Bros.
  23. The legend of love - The Legends
  24. Let me love you (for the rest of my life) - The Headlinners


  1. Simon carnal...Had a cool weekend..Nice weather right now here in Cali...This is a FIRME drop ese some sweet tracks here...Gracias for the share..

    1. Yeah i'm here in Cali too,lovin this weather.

  2. Que tal "Smoker". This comp was done by George Miller Sr. many moons ago, who has since passed away. For the record, no pun intended, the Jacksun 5 had nothing to do with track #5.
    The actual record credited the artists as; Ripples & Waves + Michael. The Michael was Not Michael Jackson. In fact they got sued for having this track on a Jackson 5 CD.

    1. Wow thats good to know, It sounds just like mike j.

  3. I do not know who lost them, but I found them. Gracias Up In Smoke. Sweet comp and cover.

  4. sweeet share homie !! much thanks...