Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deep Pockets volume 4 - Back Pockets -

Qvo Cali Lifestyles,
This posting is for all my people out there loving the funk life here is
 Deep Pockets volume 4 - Back Pockets -

Friday, June 29, 2012

East LA Lowrider Soul Vol 1,2,3

This series may look familiar to some of you maybe not, I'm not sure where this came from but one of my sharing friends gave it to me a while back...I think it's a good addition to your collection if you don't have it, Some classics in these....Enjoy! @-}--- Rose

Here are the Tracklist to all 3 Vol's (No Back Covers)

East LA LowriderSoul Vol. 1

01 - Tierra - Together (Re-Recorded & Remastered)
02 - Ralfi Pagan - Negrona
03 - Candido Y Su Movimiento - Baby Doll
04 - Blue Magic - Sideshow
05 - Tu - You're Mine
06 - Down To Earth - Forgive Me If I Cry
07 - Joey Pastrana - Sincerely
08 - Fabulous Flirtations - Wait Till I Find Her
09 - Oliveri - There's No Other Girl
10 - Fiestas - The Gypsy Said
11 - Generations - To You
12 - Chuito & Latin Uniques - Wish I Could
13 - Bandits - Nothing Can Change My Love For You
14 - Al Wilson - Show And Tell
15 - Que Sunryse - Friday 13th
16 - Paul Ortiz & La Orquesta Son - Tender Love
17 - Eddie Lebron - My Vows To You

East LA Lowrider Soul Part 2

18 - Dax Pacem Orchestra - I Do Love You
19 - Flamingos - Straighten It Up
20 - Oliveri Orchestra - There's No Other Girl
21 - Cortez & The Entertainers - Life
22 - El Paso Premiers - - This Is The Beginning
23 - Francisco Aguabella - Image Of A Star
24 - Capri Orchestra - I Regret
25 - Mumy - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
26 - Hector Rivera & Latin Renaissance - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
27 - Conjunto La Perla - If I Should Lose You
28 - TNT Band - I Wanna Make Out With You
29 - Suenos - Baby I Love You
30 - Ralfi Pagan - Baby I'm A Want You
31 - Frankie Nieves - It's Better To Cry
32 - Cholo Rivera & Latin Soul Drivers - - I Could Never Hurt You Girl
33 - Empires - Come Home Girl

East LA Lowrider Soul Part 3

34 - New Generation Orchestra - I'm No Fool
35 - Jade - Brown & Beautiful
36 - Augustine Twins - Everyday Of My Life
37 - Taylor Brothers - People In Love
38 - Bennito Sextet - Love Is To Say
39 - Informers - If You Love Me
40 - Dimas III & Royal Jesters - You've Succeeded
41 - Harvey Averne - Accept Me
42 - Players & Premiers - You Need A Love
43 - Matadors - Let Me Dream
44 - King Davis House Rockers - We All Make Mistakes Sometimes
45 - Orchestra Soledad - - Just Like A Fool
46- Paul Ortiz & La Orquestra Son - There's No Feeling
47 - Freeman Brothers - I'm Counting On You
48 - Joe Acosta - I Need Her
49 - Escorts - I Love You But You Don't Know Me
50 - Four Singer Avalons - She's My Woman, She's My Girl

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blue Light Chicago Dusties Vol.3

Here's the last Vol of The Blue Light Chicago Dusties, I hope you all enjoyed this series, Enjoy!

Eastside Story Boulevard Series Vol. 7

Qvo Cali Lifestyles,
The weekend is almost over and what better way to end your Sunday evening than with a new Eastside Story Blvd Album. Ya I know its been a while since the last one, but I hope that the wait was worth it. Hope you all enjoy the rolas. Here is Eastside Story Boulevard Series Vol. 7 .

  1. You Need A Love - The Players
  2. Most Of All - The Montegos
  3. Baby I Love You - Los Suenos
  4. Crying Over You - Broken Hearts
  5. Think Back - The Attractions
  6. You Played The Part Of A Loser - Congenial Four
  7. Strange Feeling - Billy Stewart
  8. I Want Love - Brenton Wood
  9. I'll Always Love You - The Festivals
  10. Great Day - The Whispers
  11. If You Need Me - Wilson Pickett
  12. Tell It Like It Was - Sunny Lane

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rolas For A Broken Heart Vol. 1

What's Up Cali Lifestyles,
 Here is Rolas For A Broken Heart Vol. 1 just in case you missed it.

Rolas For A Broken Heart Vol. 3

What's Up Cali Lifestyles,
Here is another volume to the Rolas For A Broken Heart, hope you all enjoy the album.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Touch Of Soul v.2

Hey Familia, whaz happening... Itz time to post the second in tha seriez 4 U all today, so kick back and listen to this sweet factory comp when U get a chance... Happy Fatherz Day !

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DustyRose's Prisoner Of Love Vol. 1

I thought it be okay to post my latest comp in here for those that didn't get it yet...

Gotta new series here titled for another favorite song of mine,
"Prisoner Of Love" is a 1931 popular song with music by Russ Columbo and Clarence Gaskill and lyrics by Leo Robin. The song was popularized by Columbo and later became a major hit for Perry Como and The Ink Spots. It was also recorded by Billy Eckstine and many other artist that followed... In all our lifes we are all Prisoners when it comes to love...past, present & future...It's just the music that makes it that more real.

Big props to RossyBoy for knocking out another cover for me!!! Gracias RB :)

Some 411's on some of these tracks are included with the link if your interested.
Thanks & Enjoy!! @-}--- Rose

01. James Brown & The Famous Flames - Prisoner Of Love
02. The Charmels - I'll Gladly Take You Back
03. Aztlan - Should I Take You Home
04. The Unhooked Generation - The Big Let Down
05. The Sly Slick & Wicked - Not On The Outside
06. The Cellos - I Beg For Your Love
07. The Ballads - Forever
08. Reflections - Through Thick And Thin
09. The Extensions - My Need 1963-Success 109
10. Billy ''Soul'' Bonds - Stand By Me Girl
11. The Five Smooth Stones - I Will Never Love Another
12. Freddy & The Sounds Of Soul - I Can't Break Away From You
13. The Three Degrees - Together
14. The Four Tops - Remember What I Told You to Forget
15. Mayer Hawthorne - You've Got The Makings Of A Lover
16. 100% Pure Poison - Puppet On A Chain
17. The Montegos - Theme Of A Broken Heart
18. The Exquisites - Never Never 1985 Avenue D
19. Bobby Mandolph - Tell Me Tomorrow
20. The Moods - Neither One Of Us
21. Harmony Street - Come Back To Me
22. Silk & Satin - You Got To Be The One
23. Man's Theory - What Can I Do
24. Royal Jesters - You're Not There
25. Al Hudson & One Way - Something In The Past

Oldtimer Souldies Series No. 9 - Motown Memoriez

The Veteranos have taken a trip to the Motor City for our latest offering. As you would expect, most of these tracks are from the Tamla-Motown stable, although there are a couple from other Detroit labels too. Berry Gordy's troops were notorious for covering each other's songs so there are quite a few  examples of that here. The rare color cover pic is from the  Tops' appearance on British television in March 1970. It's from a recently discovered, color video recording of them performing “I Can’t Help Myself” on March 15 for Sir David Frost’s “Frost on Sunday” variety show. I managed to see them at the Finsbury Park Astoria in North London on that particular U.K. trip of theirs - memorable performance and incredible atmosphere ! Maybe you can get the same sense of nostalgia listening to this set. Enjoy, and let us know ! RossyBoy for The Veteranos

Track list:
01 - Jimmy Ruffin - In The Neighborhood (RossyBoy)
02 - The Gaslight - Here's Missing You (Mello)
03 - The Temptations - Don't Look Back (East LA Guy)
04 - Stevie Wonder - I Hear A Symphony (BillyMac)
05 - The Four Tops - Stay In My Lonely Arms (RossyBoy)
06 - Nolan Strong & The Diablos - Since You've Gone (Mello)
07 - The Velvelettes - Selfish Lover (East LA Guy)
08 - Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Feel Like Makin' Love (BillyMac)
09 - Marvin Gaye - Soulie (RossyBoy)
10 - The Miracles - Oh Be My Love (Mello)
11 - The Contours - What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted (East LA Guy)
12 - Barbara McNair - My World Is Empty Without You (BillyMac)
13 - The Sisters Love - My Love Is Yours (Till The End Of Time) (RossyBoy)
14 - The Spinners - That's What Girls Are Made For (Mello)
15 - The Isley Brothers - Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam) (East LA Guy)
16 - Martha & The Vandellas - Love, Guess Who (BillyMac)
17 - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - (Come Around Here) I'm The One You Need (RossyBoy)
18 - Brenda Holloway - Every Little Bit Hurts (Mello)
19 - David Ruffin - One More Hurt (East LA Guy)
20 - The Marvelettes - You Ain't Livin' Until You're Lovin' (BillyMac)
21 - The Supremes feat. Susaye Greene - I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking (RossyBoy)
22 - The Superlatives - I Don't Know How (To Say I Love You) (Mello)
23 - The Spinners - The Girl's Alright With Me (East LA Guy)
24 - Kim Weston - Come And Get These Memories (BillyMac)

Download here:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To Every Story, Rare Love Oldiez v.3 - 8

Sup Familia , heres tha rest of the seriez 4 anyone who needz em, lotz of FIRME artwork ( insertz ) after the first two volumez, youll love these ROSE lol !! well enjoy .....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

To Every Story , Rare Love Oldiez v.1 & 2

Im postin these two comps 4 Monica or anyone else who wantz em, if anybody needs the rest of the collection let me know..I believe there are 8 volumes....

Friday, June 8, 2012

Lost & Found Rare Oldies Vol.03

Sorry it took so long, I had to re tag it...I would have sworn a link and this message was attached already but here ya go!!
As promised, sorry had to re tag the tracks, Enjoy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Untold Treasures Chapter Two

The ol' gringo is back again with somethin' "Hot" off the press & currently for sale on eBay.
Grab it now & enjoy mi familia!

01. Archie Bell & The Drells - Mama Didn't Teach Me That Way
02. Barbara Brown - Pity A Fool
03. Betty Wright - The Best Girls Don't Always Win
04. Dave Brady & The Stars - Baby Baby I Need You
05. Ginji James - You Hurt Me The Last Time
06. H. Andrews Congregation - One More Chance
07. Jeff Dale - Don't Forget About Me Baby
08. Jimmy Scott & The Fiery Spartan Band - I Want To Feel Your Warm Embrace
09. John Parker - A Big Mistake
10. Little Herman - It's All Right Partner
11. Majestics - Key To Love (Is Understanding)
12. Mark Green - I'm So Lost
13. Roshell Anderson - Know What You're Doing
14. Terry Felton - I Don't Want To Have To Wait
15. The Fabulistics - Ooh This Is Love
16. The Intertains - I See The Light
17. The Mellow Moods - Tell Love Hello
18. The Turn Arounds - I Need Your Loving
19. The Younghearts - Stop What You're Doing, Girl

The Goods:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

They Call It Crossover

I've been grabbing so much stuff, I'm glad to say it's payback time at last ! Got this one in my snailbox this morning. It from a budget U.K. series called Backbeats and this volume of mid-tempo offerings is reckoned to be the best value in the series. Hope you like it. RossyBoy

Track list:
01. The O'Jays - Just Another Guy
02. The Five Stairsteps And Cubie - I'm The One Who Loves You
03. Marvin Smith - Who Will Do Your Running Now
04. Erma Franklin - It Could've Been Me
05. Bobby Womack - Tried And Convicted
06. Otis Clay - Holding On To A Dying Love
07. Johnny Adams - You're A Bad Habit
08. Holland & Dozier Ft. Lamont Dozier - If You Don't Want To Be In My Life
09. Eddie Billups - Shake Off That Dream
10. Gene Chandler - Without You Here
11. Linda Jones - If Only We Had Met Sooner
12. Doris Duke - The Feeling Is Right
13. Tyrone Davis - You Keep Me Holding On
14. Channel 3 - The Sweetest Thing
15. Eldridge Holmes - Lovely Woman
16. Gloria Edwards - I Don't Need Nobody (To Help Me Keep Up With My Man)
17. Ella Washington - Stop Giving Your Man Away
18. Tony Love - Crying Time Is Over
19. The Eliminators - Loving Explosion
20. Mary Holmes - I Need Your Lovin
21. Ann Sexton - I Had Fight With Love (And I Lost)
22. 100 Proof (Aged In Soul) - Don't You Wake Me
23. Jackie Wilson - What A Lovely Way
24. Kenny Young - Ain't It Funny What Love Can Do
25. Na Allen - Lay It On Me Right Now
26. Chuck Armstrong - How Sweet It Is



Sup Familia, heres a little somthing I picked up recently..So if you dont gotz it, feel free to grab this one, lotz of FIRME trackz... ENJOY..   (:<

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Herb Kent, The Kool Gent Presents THE LOVELITES

Not to be confused with the Brooklyn girl group of the same name, the Lovelites were a Chicago-based vocal group that record collectors have sought their vinyls over the years.
The presenter for this Chi-Town comp is Herb Kent. Kent got his first paying gig at age 19 making only 35 dollars a week. That was 1949. Since then, he's worked continuously on-air in and around Chicago. At the age of 83, he holds the Guinness world record as the oldest working DJ. Along the way, he picked up the nickname "Cool Gent," and is credited with coining the phrase "dusty records, " or just "dusties" in reference to classic tracks.
This is why our "Rose" is DustyRose! She also has been a long time friend of Herb Kent so you can understand how & why her "soul" runs so deep.         
Herb Kent was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1995.
It's  time to enjoy his presentation!

The Goods:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Lost & Found Vol. 2

Orale Familia,
whats good in your hood this firme sunday?
Get these tunes and take a cruise or hit up a car show?.
What ever it is
Have A Great Day!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Best Of Mark IV

  1. Honey I Still Love You
  2. I'll Be Right There (To Make Love To You)
  3. I'm a Working Man (Doin' Work For My Baby)
  4. I Fell In Love (With a Married Woman)
  5. You Black And I'm Black
  6. My Everything You Are
  7. Got To Get Back (To My Baby's Love)
  8. Since God Made Woman (Nobody Rest)
  9. Why You Want To Hurt Me
  10. I Feel Good All Over (When You're Loving Me)
  11. I Can't Stop Loving You
  12. Loneliness Has Got a Hold On Me
  13. She Kept On Walkin'

The Best Of Natural Four

  1. You Bring Out The Best In Me
  2. Try Love Again
  3. Can This Be Real
  4. What's Happening Here
  5. It's The Music
  6. Count On Me
  7. Love That Really Counts
  8. Love Society
  9. Get It Over With
  10. Nothing Beats A Failure (But a Try)
  11. Heaven Right Here On Earth
  12. How Have You Been
  13. Love So Wonderful
  14. Free
  15. Eddie You Should Of Known Better (Single)