Wednesday, August 1, 2012

East Side Story Vol. 1 & 2

Q~Vo Cali Lifestyles
If it wasn't for my moms ( r.i.p ) and pops playing these fine tunes in there 64 impala cruisin' down the streets of King & Story on the East Side of San Jo, I don't know if i would still be listening to them.
This is the first oldies collection that got me hooked and after listening to all these firme other rare tunes, i haven't heard these in a long time.
Thanks to all the homies and homegirls that keep oldies alive!


  1. thanx!! i use to have them all && a while back i got them stolen :(( truely appreciate you sharing

  2. Gracias Up in Smoke...Damn these take me way back homie...Alot of FIRME classics on these bad boys..

  3. Thank's for the drop..I use to have them all to but my brother took them from a a while back..

  4. Sweeet drop Smokez !! thanks 4 sharing this classic homie!!

  5. THANKS Up in Smoke!!!!! Dope drop!

  6. Qvo up in smoke
    Firme drop ese , i almost have them all on vinyl, missing Vol 1 and 4. Thanks homie.