Monday, September 24, 2012

Battle Of The Bands Round 4

Q~Vo Familia,
Gotta say it's been a little disappointing on the comments on the last couple of posts.
That being said if you would like this drop, leave a comment and your email i'll send it your way.
Much respect and Thanks in advance..


  1. Qvo Up In Smoke,
    I hear you carnal on that tip, but that is something has been plaguing the blog world. People just don't care enough to stop and drop a comment. It's becoming more difficult to get a thank from someone, but i betf they'll give you a Fuck you real quick. I mean that's the way i feel sometimes. I say thank you for every album i pulled. enough of that nonsense...

    firme album homeboy send that over too me here is my email thanks homie.

  2. Sup Ese,
    This is a FIRME post homie and these volumes are hard to come by,For you to post them really says alot homie about you willing to share.

    I feel the same way about the comments...Some of the stuff we post here are hard to find and all we ask is a simple THANKS.
    I am down to protect all future comps and if anyone wants em they can ask for the link and if not its all good....Gracias for all you share ese,Much respect ese....

    1. All good carnal, I think the familia just needs a reminder sometimes to leave a comment because there probably busy and get side tracked. I know I hit download and then run out to work sometimes and try to come back and comment..I know there's lots of appreciation here Carnal

  3. Panch & I have been fighting this issue for ages it seems & I really feel what you're saying "Smoker". We all know who the regulars are que no? I'm all up for sharing & don't download everything because often times I've got the comp, I still often leave a comment though in show of appreciation for someone's effort to share. To some it's all about sharing, but the fact of the matter is; most downloaders share nothing. Where does the caring about what we do come in?

  4. There's still some old stock of this series floating around for sale. They've been out of print for a long time now so the choice is yours, hit "Smoker" up for it by leaving a friendly comment or buy it.

  5. Always Much Luv and Respect out to all the homiez that kick us down with comps, also to the ones that leave a thank you when U share! This ones new 4 me Smokez !! Thankz a million homeboy!!

  6. I've got this one but that's doesn't mean I am not grateful for all these great posts. I was always reticent about sharing links for commercial albums but a private blog is perfect for sharing this kind of stuff. I've got a bundle of links for albums which I uploaded but never shared with anyone. So this fall and winter I'm gonna give myself a kick up the *ss and get posting them ! Thanks again, Smoker, for your duty of share !

  7. THANKS Up in Smoke!!!!! This one looks dope! Can you send it my way?

  8. nice homie i lost this cd ages ago here's my e-mail

  9. respect!
    hope i'm not too late to drop by
    please send me a link
    thanks a lot
    up in smoke that's where i want to be hahhaha