Tuesday, April 30, 2013

San Francisco Bay Area Soul Harmony

Maybe you have it, maybe you don't....Hell I didn't know I had it till a few months ago & got it around 2010, so I guess it goes back some time...Enjoy! 
                                       ())>--- Rose


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tyrone Davis Greatest Hits

Say People!
Things have gotten a bit quiet so Mello's gotta help to keep things rollin' on Cali.Lifestyles.
This cd has long been out of print & just so happens to be a Chicago artist to .
I had the pleasure of  meeting  Tyrone in the early seventies through a fellow employee that had worked with
him in the steel mills on the far south side of Chicago. He first recorded on the Four Brothers label as "Tyrone The Wonder Boy" back then. Our meeting took place after he opened up "The Tyrone Davis' Entertainment Center" on the West Side of Chicago. After this cd was made he released a boat load of great tunes that were continually added to his Greatest Hit's List.
I hope you enjoy this early part of the great legacy of music he left behind for us.