Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Just in time to open the holiday season, the krew of Familia Souldiez have come together and share another set of awesome tracks.

What makes this series so unique is that the collaborators are from the four corners of this country and abroad with diverse musical tastes and a great thirst & knowledge when it comes to the genre of soul.

Familia Souldiez Volume 11 entitled "Love Is For Fools" takes soul through all of it's paces - Northern Soul, Sweet Soul, Funk & Group Harmony. As with previous volumes in this series, the krew has come up with a set of tunes worthy of any major release.

Many thanks go out to RossyBoy for passing me the baton and allowing me to head-up this project and to GMAN for providing the inspiration and the dynamite cover.

Special thanks to Mello, DustyRose, MzO, BillyMac, Chi-Town & BrownBoy for their contributions & taking the time out of their busy lives to make this happen.

Give it a spin & let us know what you think. No turkeys here. LOL!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Track List:

01. Southside Movement - Love Is For Fools (20th Century, 1975) (DustyRose)
02. The Keytones - A Fool In Love (Old Town, 1957) (Chi-Town)
03. Danny 'Sly' Stewart - I'm Just A Fool (Luke, 1961) (East LA Guy)
04. Cannibal & The Headhunters - Please Baby Please (Rampart, 1965) (Mello)
05. Cold Blooded Express - You're The Life Of Me (T&L, 1968) (BrownBoy)
06. Kim Weston - I Will Understand (MGM, 1968) (RossyBoy)
07. Soul Clinic - No One Loves Me Anymore (Bay Sound, 1968) (BillMac)
08. BB Brown - My Love For You (Dit Dot, 1977) (MzO)
09. Free Form Experience - Blowin' My Mind (Free Form, 1976) (Mello)
10. Sylvia - Sweet Stuff (Vibration, 1974) (DustyRose)
11. Debbie Taylor - (I Just Can't Believe I'm) Touching You (Today LP, 1972) (RossyBoy)
12. Soulsations - Here Comes The Pain (Ste-Al, 1965) (BillyMac)
13. Betty Wright - The Best Girls Don't Always Win (Alston, 1968) (BrownBoy)
14. Carroll Lloyd - Try My Love (Tower, 1967) (MzO)
15. Flamingos - I Was Such A Fool (To Fall In Love With You) (End, 1959) (Chi-Town)
16. Tony & Tyrone - A Fool Am I (Columbia, 1964) (East LA Guy)
17. Betty Everett - Chained To Your Love (Vee Jay, 1963) (Mello)
18. George Jackson - I Don't Have The Time To Love You (Mercury, 1968) (DustyRose)
19. Marvin Preyer - Don't Stop Loving Me This Time (Wand, 1968) (MzO)
20. Louis Williams - I Care For You (All Platinum, unissued til 2004 UK Castle CD) (BrownBoy)
21. Soulville All Stars - Nothing In This World Matters (Soulville 1969) (BillyMac)
22. The Checkmates LTD - Pretty Balloons (Rustic LP, 1974) (RossyBoy)
23. Tommy G & The Charms - Please Don't Fool With Me (Hurricane, 1966) (East LA Guy)
24. The Gallahads - Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Rendezvous, 1961) (Chi-Town)

Volume 11 Here:

Friday, November 22, 2013

BillyMac & RossyBoy's A Bridge Too Far

It's been a few years too many since my Philly buddy BillyMac and I did one of these "BRIDGE" compilations together. This particular bridge is just about 2500 miles away from Billy, but close to my own heart and roots. It's the Forth Railway Bridge near Edinburgh, Scotland. In Victorian times when it was newly-built it was regarded as one of the Wonders of The Modern World ! Now it's your turn to wonder at BillyMac's great tune selection - an unparalleled collection of rarities and obscurities. I hope I've brought a few nice ones to the table too. Billy is a busy boy, so if you like what you hear let us know so that he can be persuaded to part with more pearls from his treasure chest ! RossyBoy

Track list:
01 - The Traditions - Sad Girl (BillyMac)
Barclay, 1967?
02 - The Natural Four - Hurt (RossyBoy)
ABC, 1970
03 - Little Pete & The Youngsters - You Told Me Lies (BillyMac)
Lesley, 1962
04 - Both Worlds - Stop, Turn Around (RossyBoy)
"Don'tcha Hide It" album, TPI, 1974
05 - The Steptones -  Don't You Want to Fall in Love (BillyMac)
IX Chains, 1976
06 - J Kelly & The Premiers - Signed Sealed Delivered (My Heart) (RossyBoy)
Roadshow, 1973
07 - Vic & The Catalinas - Hello Girl (BillyMac)
Barclay, 1967
08 - Love, Peace & Happiness - Strip Me Naked (RossyBoy)
RCA Victor, 1971
09 - The Motiques - You're My Everything (BillyMac)
unreleased Barclay, mid-60's
10 - Kenny Robinson & The Chessmen - Baby Say You Love Me (RossyBoy)
B.O.S.S., 1967
11 - Mississippi Charles Bevel - Overheard (BillyMac)
A&M, 1973 (Collector's Alert - Super Rare Vinyl !!!)
12 - Ronnie Walker - On And On (RossyBoy)
unreleased, 1968 (Impact, restricted issue of 200 copies for his UK Tour 2009)
13 - Phil Colbert - Who's Got The Action (BillyMac)
Phillips, 1965
14 - Freddie Houston - Only The Lonely One (RossyBoy)
Old Town, 1964
15 - The Furys - That's All Right, You're In Love (BillyMac)
Diamond, 1968
16 - Donald Jenkins & The Delighters - Somebody Help Me (RossyBoy)
Cortland, 1963
17 - Lee Williams & The Cymbals - I Can Make Mistakes Too (BillyMac)
Black Circle, 1971
18 - Jean Stanback - If I Ever Needed Love (RossyBoy)
Peacock, 1958
19 - The Del-cords - A Little Misunderstanding (BillyMac)
Up, mid-60's (early version of The Magnificent Men)
20 - The Magnificent Men - Nobody Treats Me The Way You Do (RossyBoy)
"The World Of Soul" album, Capitol, 1968 
21 - Willie 'Jitterbug' Webb - You Got To Do It Right (BillyMac)
Hawk Sound, early 70's
22 - The Gypsies - Diamonds Rubies Gold & Fame (RossyBoy)
Old Town, 1965
23 - Charles Brimmer - Dedicating My Love To You (BillyMac)
Chelsea, 1976
24 - Gift Of Dreams - Feel It (RossyBoy)
"Gift Of Dreams" album, Jam Power, 1983

Download here:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thee Aztlan Stories Vol.1 & 2

I appreciate the feedback, Enjoy Familia!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Brenda Holloway - The Early Years , Rare Recordings 1962-1963

                                            Q~Vo Familia, Hope all is well with everyone.
                                            A little something for your work week...Enjoy

                                                  grab it but come back and drop a line