Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Esential Mellow Groove

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sweet Soul Rolas (Volume 5)


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Little Joe & The Latinaires - Incredible!

Q-Vo Gente
A While Ago I Was Browsing Thru My Music Library, & I Found Another Firme Lp!
 By Little Joe & The Latinaires - Incredible!
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Track List:
01. In Crowd
02. Let It Be Me
03. My Girl
04. Ain't No Big Thing
05. Pretty Woman
06. Don't Go, Please Stay
07. Slippin' and Slidin'
08. Your Precious Love
09. Out of Sight
10. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
11. Have You Heard
12. Unchained Melody

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Up in Smoke...He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother


Southwest Side Story Vol. 19

Qvo Raza I'm Back At Y'all With This  ""Hot Realese"" Just Out Of The Burner...
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Southwest Side Story Vol. 19

Various LP, Album, Compilation..
A1-Sonny Ace & The Twisters - Little Girl
A2-The Eptones - No One Else But You
A3-The Volumes - I'm Gonna Miss You
A4-Henry Pena & The Kasuals - Forever
A5-George Jay & The Rockin' Ravens - Say That You Love Me
A6-Dino Bazan & The Dell Tones - Don't Leave Me Baby
A7-Royal Jesters - Girl I Can't Forget
B1-The Eptones - Making Me Cry
B2-Henry Pena & The Kasuals - Only One
B3-Little Henry & The Laveers - What To Do
B4-Al Castana - I Need And Love You
B5-Royal Jesters - I Want To Be Loved
B6-The Dreamliners - Just Me And You
B7-Danny & The Dreamers - Eternal Love

Friday, June 30, 2017


Q-vo,Gente... Thought I Follow The Homies Lead And Drop This Comp Again.  For Those Of You Who Grab It In Flac The Last Time. I Edited This Comp & Cover And Put It In MP3 For The Gente Who Can't Play The Flac Version.   Leave Some Feedback If You Got It Or Leave A Comment If You Want It.. Oral'e                       

   01. Here I Am - The New Sound  (Turbo)
   02. Don't Try To Fake It - Hollywood Jills  (Tune-Kel)         
   03. Don't Do It - The Sweet  (Smash)
   04. I Need Ya - Bonnie And Lee  (Fairmount)
   05. Beggin' You - The Royal Chessmen  (Custom Fidelity)
   06. I Never Meant To Love You - Watts Line  (Bullet)
   07. Gonna Keep Lovin' You - The Royal Five  (Tyler Records)
   08. Loving Sweet Thing - Fragile Handle With Care  (Exit 6)
   09. Sad Girl - Jay Wiggins  (I.PG. Records)
   10. Sharing You - Sunny & The Sunliners  (Tear Drop Records) 
   11. I'd Rather Go Blind - Spencer Wiggins (Fame)
   12. Somewhere - Exsaveyons  (Smoke Records)
   13. Sad Sad Boy - Meadowlarks  (Money Records)
   14. Nothing From Nothing - Little Anthony  (Pure Gold Records)
   15. Can't Buy Love With Money - Curtis Wiggins  ( Palm) 
   16. Guarantee Me The Weekend - Mitzi Ross  (C.R.S.)
   17. Don't Walk Away - Carl Carlton  (Back Beat)
   18. Here Comes The Tears - Darrell Banks  ( Atco)
   19. You Better Believe Me - Beverly Mc Kay  (Old Town Records)
   20. I've Been Trying - Four Gents  (H.B.R.)
   21. Waiting On You Love - The Truth Inc

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


(Please Read First)
Soulero's Underground Rolaz Vol. 1 REUP! & UPDATED
 Orale Nothing New Here Same Tracks Except For The New (Cover Artwork) That I Just Made! But This Time It's Been Properly Tagged With This New Artwork And Very Neat Organized,  For Those Of You Who Really Likes Its Soul Music & Your Comps Properly Tagged.!
So if you got already my old Soulero's Underground Rolaz Vol. 1 Comp I'll Suggest to discarded it and Replace It With This One instead of!

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Souleros's Underground Rolaz Vol. 1
All Tracks Mixed & Compiled By Brown Soulero

01 - The Mad Lads_Come Closer To Me_Chicago Radio(Volt)
02 - Johnny Soul - Hey Baby (the plea)
03 - Dynamite Singletary_I Really Love You
04 - Slim Moore & The Mar-Kays_Steppin' All Over Me
05 - United Sounds_It's All Over Baby.
06 - The Up Tights_How Long Must I Wait for You
07 - The Love Experience_Waiting For Your Love
08 - The Topics_Dear One
09 - Eldridge Holmes_Worried Over You
10 - Charles Bradley_Where Do We Go From Here
11 - Sebastian Williams_Get Your Point Over
12 - Accents_You Better Think Again
13 - Bump & The Soul Stompers_Standing On The Outside
14 - Delrays Inc_My Heart Is Not A Toy
15 - Hollywood Jills_Don't Try To Fake It
16 - Derrick Harriott_Float On Charmers lp 1978
17 - Felony Theft_When You Have Love
18 - Voltaires_My,My,My Baby
19 - Jerry Washington_Don't Waste My Time
20 - The Beachers_Something Deep Inside
21 - Los Dinamicos Exciters_Algo Muy Profundo
22 - Sam Savage_My Lady
23 - The Gospel I.Q.s_Peace In The Land
24 - The Halmilton Movement_She's Gone
25 - Bernie Williams_Baby I Want to Thank You

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Low & Slow (Classic Low Rider Jams)

Low & Slow (Classic Low Rider Jams)
Orale Raza Another Firme Classic Album For Your Cruising...
PS Dont Forget Your Pisto!
Track Listing :

1 - Tell It Like It Is by Aaron Neville
2 - Yes, I'm Ready by Barbara Mason
3 - Hypnotized by Linda Jones
4 - Look over Your Shoulder by The Escorts
5 - Love on a Two Way Street by The Moments
6 - A Sunday Kind of Love by The Harptones
7 - In the Still of the Night by The Five Satins
8 - I Guess That Don't Make Me a Loser by The Brothers Of Soul
9 - Suavecito by Mantrap
10 - Yes, I'm Ready by Wild Wind
11 - All in My Mind by Maxine Brown
12 - One Summer Night by The Danleers
13 - My True Story (Stereo Version) by The Jive Five
14 - I Wish You Love by Gloria Lynne
15 - To Be with You by Pearly Queen
16 - Sabor a Mi by Coke
17 - Y Volvere by Heaven
18 - As I Sit Here by The Whispers
19 - Confidentialby Sonny Knight
20 - I'm Yours by The Flamingos

Monday, June 19, 2017



Orale Raza This Is Another Of My All Time Favorites Album Classics...
Track Listing :

01. Victim of Circumstance Part 1
02. Don't Mess with Me
03. There's Nothing I Can Do About It
04. I Need Your Lovin
05. Be Mine Forever
06. Don't Sell Your Soul
07. Baby What're You Gonna Do
08. Split Personality
09. You're Living a Lie
10. Shopping for Love
11. The Straw That Broke the Camels Back
12. Gonna Try to Get You Back
13. A Man Ain't Nothing but a Man
14. Mike James Kirkland Victim Of Circumstance Pt. 1 & 2
15. Mike James Kirkland - Feeling In My Heart
16. I Need Your Love
17. Strut On
18. Love Is Back
19. Whirlin' Around