Monday, December 8, 2014

Eastside Story Boulevard Series Vol. 14

Qvo Cali Lifestyles Familia,

It's been a while since my last drop, but I hope I did not disappoint you guys with this album.  I thought about cutting this series short, but decided to continue the series. I hope that was a good idea, so lets see where this sweet low rider takes us cruising. I seen requests for the previous albums in this series. So depending on how many comments I get vs. downloads we will see if I will make those available.

 1. Baby Baby All The Time - The Superbs
 2. Can't We Be Sweethearts - The Metrotones
 3. I'm So Happy                   - Thee Dupremes
 4. Little Green Monster       - Exit
 5. Bad Boy                           - The Jive bombers
 6. Gee                                  - The Crows
 7. Magic Is The Night         - Kathy Young and The Innocents
 8. Are You Angry?              - Thee Midniters
 9. This Is My Story             - The Sa-Shays
10. Because I Love you       - Brighter Side of Darkness
11. Symbol Of Heaven        - Little Julian Herrera
12. Beware                          - Jesse Belvin