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Familia Souldies Vol.37 - Poor Little Fool

Qvo, Itz been a little minute sense ive been around and hope everyone out there has been doing great.! RossyBoy asked me to host this months edition of Familia Souldies, and of course I jumped at the opportunity to do so. The CREW has contributed some of the most firme tracks that ive yet heard from this series, And the G-Man tears it up with yet another smokin hot cover! I know for a fact that your going to love it as much as I. Ive listened to this line up several times and im simply blown away by the sounds of these sweet soul rolas. This is here for you to take freely and enjoyBut whatever you do please leave a comment to let us know how we did, Thats all we ask for in return.. Take care...

01. Say What You Mean - The Luscious Three -(T'SugaRays,1975)- DustyRose
02. Poor Boy - Clarence Murray -(International,1968)- UpNSmoke
03. I Dont Want To Go On Without You - The Dolphins -(Faternity,1964)- RossBoy
04. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody - James Ray -(Caprice,1961)- ChiTown
05. Cant You Hear Me Calling - Bobby Wade -(WayOut,1967)- EastLAGuy
06. Mr. Soft Touch - Jeanette Williams -(BackBeat,1966)- BillyMac
07. POOR LITTLE FOOL - Bill Dennis -(Shrine,1966)- CanoMan
08. Shes Gone - Bob Wheels -(Tarx,1963)- MzO
09. Let The Past Be the Past - Tony Baxter -(Gates,196*)- Mello
10. There You Are - The Baby Dolls -(Gamble,1968)- BrownBoy
11. Stop Trying To Make A Fool Of Me - The Emanons -(Speidal,19**)- DustyRose
12. Little Boy - Carla Thomas -(Stax,1961)-  UpNSmoke
13. How Can Anyone (Tell Me) - Chapter One -(9A1,19**)- RossyBoy
14. Poor Looser - The Cautions -(Shrine,1966)- ChiTown
15. Hey You Get Off My Mountain - Dramitics -(Volt,1973)- EastLAGuy
16. Do You Love Me - Rayons -(Decca,1969)- BillyMac
17. One Way To Love - The Lovers -(Frantic,1964)- CanoMan
18. I Dont Need Her - Clyde Dean -(BlackJack,1967)- MzO
19. All My Friends Call Me A Fool - Nobodys Child -(SoundOfSoul,1971)- Mello
20. Its Going To Be A Tragedy - Dusty Wilson & The Corals - (Mutt,1965)- BrownBoy
21. I Thought It Over - Gwen Stewart -(Prom,1968)- DustyRose
22. Poor Boys Dream - The Masqueraders -(Unmasked,2004)- UpNSmoke
23. You Know You Want To Be Loved - Keith Barrow -(Columbia,1978)- RossyBoy
24. Poor Side Of Town - Carroll Loyd -(Tower,1968)- ChiTown
25. Lover Come Back - The Cameros -(DarCha,1968)- EastLAGuy
26. This Time Will Be Diffrent- Blue Notes -(Uni,1970)- BillyMac
27. Dont Turn Around - Black Ivory -(Today,1972)- CanoMan
28. Beauty - Claudette Johnson -(S&H,196*)- MzO
29. Why Do I Do These Foolish Things - The Magicians -(Villa,196*)- Mello
30. Where Is The Love - Glen Miller -(Dr.Bird,1967)- BrownBoy

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