Monday, November 28, 2011


A big part of the Cali lifestyle is the availablity of premier live shows. This Friday, December 2, the Legends Of Chicano Soul will once again gather at the Gibson Ampithetre in Los Angeles. Artists from the Eastside & Westside & New York City will perform the oldies that made them legends. I put this compilation together from the list of songs on the show's poster. Please enjoy!! EAST LA GUY.

Track List:

01. Thee Midniters - Dreaming Casually
02. Thee Midniters - The Town I Live In
03. El Chicano - Sabor A Mi
04. El Chicano - Viva Tirado
05. Joe Bataan - My Cloud
06. Joe Bataan - The Prayer
07. Malo - Suavecito
08. Malo - Nena
09. Tierra - Together
10. Tierra - Memories
11. Rene & Rene - Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero
12. Rene & Rene - Angelito
13. Joe Bravo - It's Ok
14. Joe Bravo - I Apologize
15. Royal Chessmen - Beggin' You
16. Thee Original Dupremes - I'm So Happy
17. Thee Original Dupremes - Misery
18. Thee Original Dupremes - You Are My Girl
19. Heartbreakers - Cradle Rock
20. Heartbreakers - Everytime I See You
21. Skip Mahoney & The Casuals - Wherever You Go
22. Skip Mahoney & The Casuals - We Share Love

Chicano Soul Legends Here:

Posted By: Guy (East LA Guy)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Juvenile Delinquents Vol. 1

Qvo Familia,

First thing first, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day, and since its Tday. Here is the first volume of the Juvenile Delinquents. I didnt put this one in the last post because I was trying to make it better, so those who have it can delete the old one this one has a better sound quality, and new cover art. No need to email me, (but comments are always welcomed) this ones on the house. Enjoy and be safe....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Juvenilie Delinquents Collection

Qvo Familia,

Well here it is by popular demand...of course their is a catch you have to email me for the links.

If you don't have my email, you can leave your email in the comments. Catch you katz and kittenz on the flipside.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Juvenile Delinquents Vol. 8

Qvo Familia,

Here is the lastest in the Juvenile Delinquents Volumes. Some cover versions on this one and maybe some rare ones too. Hope you enjoy the Doo-Wop, or as I like to say "Catch you Katz and Kittenz on the flipside"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Juvenile Delinquents Vol. 7

Qvo Familia,

A while back I started a set called Juvenile Delinquents. Well here is volume 7, If for some reason don't have the other 6 just hit me up and I will be more than happy to post the links. Just a heads up some of these rolas are not what we call rare, but its good to have them on one album. As for the other six some might have a couple of rare ones, hopefully there are some news ones for you.