Saturday, February 23, 2013

DustyRose and RossyBoy's Crossing The Tracks

Why did the the Elephant cross the tracks ?
To get into The Room.
Now there's an Elephant in The Room, but nobody's talking about it.
Why did DustyRose and Rossyboy cross the tracks ?
They were playing that Double Cross game, where each sends the other
six tracks and then they each supply another six tracks in response;
so the tracks are in pairs. Hopefully they've both got a nose for a good tune.
Their last collaboration was extremely popular so maybe people will
be talking about this one too !
Only one way to find out and that's to have a listen.
"I'm all Ears" as the Elephant might say.
And don't just talk amongst yourselves - leave a comment
and let others know what you think .....

Track list:
01 - Together - Love You, Need You, Want You (RossyBoy)
unknown, 197?
02 - Oliver - I Want Your Love, I Need Your Love (DustyRose)
"The Boss" album, MCA, 1982

03 - Delores Hall - Sha-La Bandit (DustyRose)
RCA, 1973
04 - OC Tolbert - Love Bandit (RossyBoy)
"The Detroit Funk Vaults: Funk & Soul From Dave Hamilton 1968-1979" album, Ace, 2012

05 - The Velvelettes - There He Goes (DustyRose)
IPG, 1963
06 - The Velvelettes - Think Of The Times (RossyBoy)
"The Very Best Of The Velvelettes" album, previously unreleased (1964), Universal-Motown, 1999

07 - The Soul Patrol - I'm Going Down (RossyBoy)
"Boogie" album, Sunnyvale, 1978
08 - Tavares - The Going Ups & The Coming Downs (DustyRose)
"Love Storm" album, Capitol, 1977

09 - Small Society - If You Stand By Me (RossyBoy)
Cadde, 1973
10 - The Jades - (Baby) I'm By Your Side (DustyRose)
Verve, 1966

11 - The Spinners - In My Diary (DustyRose)
VIP, 1969
12 - The Premeers - Diary Of Our Love (RossyBoy)
Herald, 1963

13 - The Five Satins - The Masquerade Is Over (DustyRose)
Chancellor, 1962
14 - David Porter - I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over (RossyBoy)
Enterprise, 1972

15 - Bonnie Bramlett & Dobie Gray - Never Gonna Give You Up (RossyBoy)
Capricorn, 1976
16 - The Dynamic Superiors - Don't Give Up On Me Baby (DustyRose)
"Pure Pleasure" album, Motown, 1975

17 - The Eight Minutes - Loneliest Girl In Town (RossyBoy)
"An American Family" album, Perception, 1972
18 - Side Effect - The Loneliest Man In Town (DustyRose)
"Portraits" album, Elektra, 1981

19 - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Love Won't Be Mine This Way (DustyRose)
"Climb The Ladder" album, Studio One/Heartbeat, 2000
20 - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Love (RossyBoy)
"Rock To The Rock: The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 - (Part 1)" album, previously unreleased, (Peter Tosh & Rita Marley vocals), JAD, 1997

21 - Cashmere - Tracks Of My Tears (DustyRose)
Philly World, 1983
22 - Brenda Russell feat. Lee Ritenour - The Tracks Of My Tears
"Between The Sun And The Moon" album, Dome, 2004

23 - Ash Soul, Inc. - I Do Love You (RossyBoy)
Soul Ash Productions, 19??
24 - Leslie Grace - Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow (DustyRose)
iTunes download, Top Stop Music, 2012

Download here:

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Presented by The Pacific Concert Group and filmed live in 1996 in Hollywood, California to a sold out 6000-seat audience, this DVD is without a doubt the best concert footage of these great artists that you will ever see! You'll get over two and a half hours of hit songs and heartfelt performances by Oldies Legends like you've never seen before! If you are a soul collector then this is the double DVD set that you want to add to your collection! Also included are never before seen rare Artist Interviews and Pictures!!

About three yrs. ago DustyRose & I had talked about this set that we both had. We were not able to deliver it as a share since it was a video plus the length of the concert. Once Brownboy started posting flicks, I contacted him & asked if he would try to get this together for posting  if  I sent it to him.. After a lot of trial & error work on his part, he shot the final links to RossyBoy to authenticate that the links were valid. Thanks Rossy for being a helper in this delivery, we appreciate it.

Mello sez; a request will be needed for the links to this set & thanks for your support.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Best of Love Unlimited

Sup Familia, Hope UR all ready 4 another buzy work week.... Heres a little sum sum to take the edge off ....