Saturday, April 28, 2012

There Is A Thin Red Line Between DooWop & Soul

Hey Familia, Thought id put down another drop 4 U today. Its the weekend ,so unwind a play some smooth tracks....ENJOY...


Friday, April 27, 2012

1972-The Dells - Dells Sing Dionne Warwick's Greatest Hits

Qvo Cali Lifestyles,
Here is a little album I picked up, just thought it would be nice to share. Enjoy the weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pura Raza Aztlan V.1

Hey familia, like to put this drop down 4 anyone that dosent have this in thier collection, so kick back & enjoy the tracks!

                                                            DOWNLOAD HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brokenhearted Dreamer vol.2

I'm back hente, this time with volume two of this series. It's being posted for anyone that may have missed this when it came out seven years ago, or has not picked it up since. Again, this volume is a rip at 320kbps from the original pressing that includes the front, back, & CD scans.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tokers Oldies Vol. 4 (Take 2)

Qvo Cali Lifestyles,
It's funny how a series can have two different versions of the same album, in all due respect brownboy's and up in smoke's tracks on there album are a lot sweetier than this ones. But for those who don't like holes in there collections here is another volume four, but i think Up In Smoke's & BrownBoy's is a spin off this set (Backseat Memories). Who knows, all i know is I'm loving that album. I hope you all enjoy this one or at least get it to complete your set.

  1. Tear It Down - Blue Magic
  2. A Lonely Man - The Chilites
  3. You Can Do Me Some Good - The Classmates
  4. Going In Circles - The Friends Of Distinction
  5. The Ghetto - Donny Hathaway
  6. Now You Got Me Loving You - The Dramatics
  7. So I Can Love You - The Emotions
  8. Silly Love Song - The Enchantments
  9. I Love You Madly - The Fantastic Four
  10. Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps
  11. Nothing But Heartaches - The Flirtations
  12. Bernadette - The Four Tops
  13. Before The Next Teardrop Falls - Freddy Fender
  14. I Found Someone Of My Own - The Free Movement

Tokers Oldies Vol. 4 (Take 2)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tokers Oldies v.4 - Back Seat Memories

Got a special treat 4 U today Familia, The homie UP IN SMOKE just sent this sweet comp to me to post on his behalf . I gotz to say this is a treat for me to learn of a fourth volume in the series. Lets show this carnal lotz of luv 4 his drop!

Download :

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tokers Oldies v.3

Hola Familia, its the start of my weekend, so im puttin down a FIRME drop to get it started, The last volume in tha series, Enjoy...

Download :

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oldtimer Souldies Series No. 7 - Northern Soul's Male Order

The Oldtimers have been polishing their dancing shoes and are out on the floor again ! No. 1 of this series has proved so popular, we thought we would bring you some more of our favorite Northern Soul numbers, this time featuring male artists. It's the usual mix of classic chunes along with a dose of the esoteric. The versions of "Angel Baby" and "You Beat Me To The Punch" are not the ones you might expect from Darrow Fletcher and Mary Wells. That's Otis Leavill on the cover. Pop a few pills, put this set on repeat, practice your back-drops and you can pretend you are at an all-nighter ! Enjoy ! The Veteranos

Track list:
01 - Otis Leavill - Keep On Loving You (Mello)
02 - George Carrow - Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave) (East LA Guy)
03 - Joe Matthews - You Better Mend Your Ways (BillyMac)
04 - Sam Reese - From Fri Evening Til Saturday Nite (RossyBoy)
05 - Leon Haywood - It's Got To Be Mellow (Mello)
06 - Phil Terrell - Love Has Passed Me By (East LA Guy)
07 - Frankie Garcia - I've Got That Feelin' (BillyMac)
08 - J.J. Barnes - Please Let Me In (RossyBoy)
09 - Deon Jackson - That's What You Do to Me (Mello)
10 - Howard Guyton - I Watched You Slowly Slip Away (East LA Guy)
11 - Don Thomas - Come On Train (BillyMac)
12 - Carl Gilbert - Crying Heart (RossyBoy)
13 - Nolan Chance - Just Like The Weather (Mello)
14 - Bobby Treetop - Wait Till I Get To Know Ya (East LA Guy)
15 - Warren Lee - Star Revue (BillyMac)
16 - Marv Johnson - S.O.S. Girl In Distress (RossyBoy)
17 - Lamont Dozier - Fish Ain't Bitin' (Mello)
18 - Edwin Starr - You Beat Me To The Punch (East LA Guy)
19 - Sammy Sevens - Everybody Crossfire (BillyMac)
20 - Jackey Beavers - Trying To Get Back To You, Girl (Pt.1) (RossyBoy)
21 - Len Jewell - All My Good Lovin' (Is Going To Waste) (Mello)
22 - Little Eddie Taylor - I Had A Good Time (East LA Guy)
23 - Don Covay - It's Better To Have (And Don't Need) (BillyMac)
24 - Vernon Garrett - Shine It On (RossyBoy)

Download here:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost Generation-The Sly,Slick&Wicked-YoungTough&Terrible

I hope this CD can be a addition to your collection, Got this a long time ago so maybe some of you have it all ready But if not, Enjoy! @>--;-- Rose

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Girlz It Aint Eazy - Female Group Soul v.1

Hola Familia,The homie  Macabre posted this comp 4 me on his blog not too long ago minus the insert, back, & cd images, thought id repost so u can grab them....If you havent took a bite of this comp yet, then check it out...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Gansta Of Soul

I know most of you have this already Familia, but I wanted to put the drop on this FIRME factory comp. Grab it if you aint got it, Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Wazz Up Familia,
Here is Vol.4 of the RARE funk tracks I have in my vault,we'll some rare and maybe some you haven't heard in a while...Can't share all the  Rare tracks right? will put some on these comps here and there,I personally love the Funk like I love the sweet sound of soul music...I compiled 14 FUNKY tracks to bump in your ride...I have multiple volumes to post so this will be an ongoing series...KEEP IT FUNKY!!!!

01. Gwen Guthrie - Outside In The Rain
02. Clockwork-I'm Your Candy Girl
03. Les Femmes - Yes You Thrill Me
04. Change -  Change Of Heart
05. Glass - Stomp
06. Surface - Stop Holding Back
07. Felix & Jarvis -  Bounce
08. Home Boy And Co.- Happy Feeling
09. Dunn & Bruce Street - Mt. You (Up On The Hill)
10. Lillo Thomas - You're A Good Girl
11. Blue Magic - See Through
12. The Evasions - Let's Dance
13. The Fatback Band - Girls On My Mind
14. Unique - What I Got Is What You Need


Monday, April 9, 2012

Crusin With The Mouse v.1

Hope U all had a great Easter Familia, Im dropin vol.1 of this factory comp , well thats wut im guessin anyways LOL, the cover reads v.2, the back reads v.1 . But its here 4 U to sample if you dont gotz, Enjoy !!

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Touch Of Soul

Its the start of the holiday weekend Familia, Just thought id put this drop down on youz , Grab if you dont have, ENJOY !!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

East Coast Soul Connection (2 CD's)

Hi Everyone, Here's a double CD you may enjoy if you don't have it.

East Coast Soul Connection CD1 - Variuos Artists

01. Benny Johnson - Baby I Love You
02. The Moments - My Thing
03. Velvet - It's The Right Time To Do
04. Odds & Ends - Love Makes The World Go Round
05. Philadelphia Ambassadors (Formations) - Girl (Love Everything About You)
06. Reggie Sadler Revue - So Long Little Sweet Girl
07. Crown Heights Affair - Love Me
08. The Kay-Gees - Be Real (With Tomorrows Edition)
09. George Kerr - Takin It (To The Max)
10. Black Ivory - Surrender
11. The Street People - Never Get Enough Of Your Love
12. The Continental 4 - The Way I Love You Baby
13. The Whatnauts - I Dig Your Act
14. Larry Saunders - Sweet Sweet Lady (Demo)
15. Bunny Sigler - Take A Little Time (To Know Her)
16. Tommy Keith - Loving You Comes Easy
17. Barbara Jean English - He Knows My Key (Is Always In The Mailbox)
18. Charen Cotton - A Little Bit Of Love
19. De-Lite-Ful - Forget That Girl (Tom Moulton)
20. (Baltimore) First Class - Me And My Gemini
21. Chicago Gangsters - I Choose You

East Coast Soul Connection CD2 - Variuos Artists

01. The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
02. Brother To Brother - In The Bottle
03. The Escorts - All We Need Is Another Chance
04. Black Ivory - One-Way Ticket To Loveland
05. Patrick Adams Initiative - Kings And Queens
06. The Kay-Gees - My Favourite Song
07. Velvet - Bet You If You Ask Around
08. The Whatnauts - Blues Fly Away Listen
09. Janice Saddler & Jammers - My Baby's Coming Home To Stay
10. Benny Troy - I Wanna Give You Tomorrow
11. Chuck Jackson - Needing You Wanting You
12. The Moments - Dolly My Love
13. The Continental 4 - Heaven Must Have Sent You
14. Otis Smith - Let Her Go
15. Lonnie Youngblood - Sweet Sweet Tootie
16. Felton Burkes - I'll Always Love You
17. Appointments & Others - Keep Away
18. Hank Sample - So In Love With You
19. The Street People - Some Day We'll Be Together
20. Derek Martin - How Can I Get Away
21. Darryl Carter - Crying

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Smooth Slow & Easy Soul Gems

This is an OOP pressing from 2000 that I had posted on the original TVD blog. I'm posting it again on Cali Lifestyles in case anyone here from those days lost it or if any new members here would like to add this rare piece to their collection.
A note of interest; Track 18 is incorrect in the name of the group, it's actually "The 5 Stepping Stars" on the J.C.D.T. record label. After this cd was released that track continued to show up in other comps with the incorrect artists name. I would suspect that this cd is where they got it from. Also, track 19 appeared the year prior on Lost Chicano Oldies Vol. 2 as "Wait Till I Find Her" by the Fabulos Filtrations. I believe this to be correct. A request will be needed for the password.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chrome Bounce

All right everybody get ready 2 jump in your chrome rides and get you bounce on. 2day I'm bringing you 12 funk classics compiled myself, CLUMSY & DANNY TATTOO. Big thanx 2 the homie CLUMSY 4 doing all the leg work and putting the link 2gether!  Hope everybody enjoys this x-tra tight album!

In addition if you're in Cali & need a tattoo holler at DANNY TATTOO here:


01 Dayton - Love You Anyway ~ Danny Tattoo
02 Skyy - Call Me ~ G Man
03 Starbound - Party In The City ~ Clumsy
04 BHY - We Funk The Best ~ Danny Tattoo
05 Catch - Get On Freak ~ G Man
06 Wild sugar - Bring It Here ~ Clumsy
07 Wanda Walden - I Must Be Dreaming ~ Danny Tattoo 
08 Lamont Dozier - On The One ~ G Man
09 Freeez - Can't Keep My Love ~ Clumsy
10 Yasuko Agawa - LA Nights ~ Danny Tattoo
11 Magnum Force - What's Your Name ~ G Man
12 Xavier - Work That Sucker To Death ~ Clumsy

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of CLUMSY
Tracks courtesy of CLUMSY, G MAN & DANNY TATTOO
Album cover by G MAN



Orale!! It's time to get down with the second half of my "twin spin" Maybe I should be sleeping like my lady on the cover (Ha Ha!!) but posting today is two times the fun.

UNDER THE COVERS (ON THE LATIN SIDE) VOLUME 8  is another mix of Eastside & Westside Oldies. Please padon the scratchyness of track 5, Terri & Johnnie "Your Tender Lips". I don't have an mp3 cleaner & it's the best my old 45 could do. OK, somebody pinch me!! ENJOY!!


Track List:

01. Ruben & The Jets - A Thousand Miles Away & You Send Me
02. Los Lobos - Try Me
03. Rudy Tee & The Reno Bops - This Is My Story
04, Sangria Band - At Last
05, Terri & Johnnie - Your Tender Lips
06. Little Joe & The Latinaires - Tell It Like It Is
07. Danny & The Tejanos - Sitting In The Park
08. Frances Ruedas - My Baby Loves Me
09. Thee Midniters - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
10. Ruben Ramos - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
11. Rocky Padilla - Baby I'm For Real
12. Hank Castro - What Does It Take
13. Bob Gallarza Band - You're Still A Young Man
14. Spice Band - Let's Stay Together
15. Bobby Esquivel & The Liberty Band - Oh Girl
16. Steve Salas (featuring Brenton Wood) - I Like The Way You Love Me
17. Leslie Paula - Until You Come Back To Me
18. Pepe Marquez & Lorena Crisenberry - Never Can Say Goodbye
19. Valentina Estrada - Sabor A Mi
20. Jeff Eaton Project - Suavecito

Do Your Uncovering Here:

Posted By: Guy (EAST LA GUY)


Hola!! It's April Fools Day but this year that old prankster East LA Guy is not joking around. Instead I bring you what I like to call a "twin spin" With baseball season upon us you could call it a "double play" What it is, is a "pair of eights" I start first with UNDER THE COVERS VOLUME 8 followed by UNDER THE COVERS (ON THE LATIN SIDE) VOLUME 8.
  UNDER THE COVERS VOLUME 8 is a mix of soul, doo wop and girl groups. No kidding!! Enjoy!!


Track List:

01, Steve Jordan & The Jordan Brothers - Ain't No Big Thing
02. Sonny Childe - Giving Up On Love
03. Emotions - Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)
04. Straight Up - Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
05. Shangri-Las - Maybe
06. Orlons - I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde)
07. Reparata & The Delrons - Dediccated To The One I Love
08. Pixies Three - Make Me Your Baby
09. Shirelles - It's Gonna Take A Miracle
10. Supremes - My Guy
11. Little Bob & The Lollypops - My Girl
12. Temprees - A Thousand Miles Away
13. Alton Ellis & The Flames - Duke Of Earl
14. Paramounts - We Belong Together
15. Halos - Oh What A Night
16. Tams - To The Aisle
17. Diplomats - Unchained Melody
18. Catalinas - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
19. Casinos - I'm So Proud
20. Bobby Lantz & The Celtics - If This World Were Mine
21. Lost Generation - Love On A Two Way Street
22. Little Tony & His Brothers - You Send Me
23. Charles Brimmer - Show & Tell

Do Your Uncovering Here:

Posted By: Guy (East LA Guy)