Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SOUL - Accent On The 70's Vol. 1

This is my start to a new series that will be at least five volumes. Rossy surely has captured a sense of the 70's on canvas for my cover & an excellent job at that my brother ! All tracks featured will have charted in the top one hundred according to the "Billboard" ratings.Most will be from the top of the charts & they will all be remastered versions & come from my crates. I always attempt to include an uncommon track or two that's not heard on the air waves. With that in mind, I hope there's something new that you like on this & the future comps in this series. A number of them you may not have heard in some time and/or some not at all. Well, now's your chance to go back to the 70's & enjoy some tunes of the era !

01. You Don't Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show) - Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.
ABC, 1976
02. Hang On In There Baby  - Johnny Bristol
MGM, 1974
03. Groove Me  - King Floyd
Chimneyville, 1971
04. Sara Smile  - Daryl Hall & John Oates
RCA, 1976
05. Shake It Well  - The Dramatics
ABC, 1977
06. Keep The Home Fires Burnin'  - Latimore
Glades, 1975
07. Touch A Hand (Make A Friend)  - The Staple Singers
Stax, 1974
08. This Is Your Life  - Norman Connors (Vocals: Eleanor Mills)
Arista, 1978
09. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours  - Stevie Wonder
Tamla, 1970
10. I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)  - Johnnie Taylor
Stax, 1973
11. While I'm Alone  - Maze feat. Frankie Beverly
Capitol, 1977
12. Bingo - The Whispers
Janus, 1974
13. You Can't Change That  - Raydio
Arista, 1979
14. Sweet Sticky Thing  - Ohio Players
Mercury, 1975
15. Dancing To Your Music  - Archie Bell & The Drells
Glades, 1973
16. Ain't No Sunshine  - Bill Withers
Sussex, 1971
17. I'll Be Around  - The Spinners
Atlantic, 1972
18. Hollywood  - Rufus feat. Chaka Khan
ABC, 1977

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ghost Rider Oldies Classics Vol 1 - LA's Best Soul

Hola Cali Lifestyles, I dug this one out from my files...I don't know where or who I got it from but I thought it was worth sharing, Sorry I don't have the back cover but here is the track list....@>--;-- Rose

01. Ain't No Big Thing - Cafe 
02. Baby I'm For Real - Cui Cui 
03. Gema - Eddie Serrano 
04. Dame Tu Amor - Geree 
05. But It's Alright - Hank Castro 
06. Yes I'm Ready - Hank Castro 
07. Oh What A Night - Balance 
08. I'm On The Outside Looking In - Ruben Hernandez 
09. Sabor A Mi - Gerre 
10. No Voy Llorar - 818 
11. The Bells - Bertha Oropeza & Ruben Hernandez 
12. I'll Make It Easy - Hank Castro 

13. Gilbert Lopez - Mi Chicanita - Bonus Track


Monday, October 14, 2013


Q-VO !
Mello strikes again thanks to the "Firme" cover our man Rossy produced to represent my offering. You  seem to always come through when needed & I love you for it chief !
And with the thought of  MzO's sublime evening at the concert, I thought I'd kick this set off with a touch of "Smokey" to keep her feet off the ground....you go girl ! I've been a "Smokey"/Miracles fan since 1958 & my wife & I last saw his memorable performance back in July of 1984 here locally.
Although classics are used in the title, you'll find some rare ones included on this set if you're looking for vinyl versions.
Chicago to is also well represented with ten tracks being associated with my windy city. Regardless my friends, there should be a track or two that are new to most any listener. Please enjoy this presentation & don't forget to drop a comment, it helps a lot in the inspiration & motivational department if you have any interest in future volumes of this sort.

01. Since You Won My Heart - The Miracles (Tamla 1965)
02. Tomorrow Is Another Day - Billy Butler & The Enchanters (Okeh 1966)
03. Dreams Of Contentment - The Dells (Vee-Jay 1955)
04. Think Nothing About It - Gene Chandler (Constellation 1964)
05. You May Not Love Me - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (Landa 1965)
06. Let's Prove Them Wrong - Debbie Taylor (GWP 1969)
07. Let's Start Over - The Ringleaders (m-pac! 1963)
08. Queen Of Hearts - The Sheppards (Owl 1974)
09. Finding Out The Hard Way - The Vibrations (Okeh 1965)
10. Falling In Love Again - The Heartbreakers (Miracle 1965)
11. My Heart Isn't In it - The Superbs (Dore 1965)
12. Come Back My Love - The Impressions feat. Jerry Butler (Abner 1958)
13. Once You Fall In Love - Eddie McLoyd (Dakar 1975)
14. Just Because Of You - The Gaslight (Polydor 1975)
15. Darling, Darling, Darling - Bobby Womack & The Valentinos (Chess 1984)
16. Homely Girl - The Chi-Lites (Brunswick 1973)
17. Hey Love - Stevie Wonder (Tamla 1967)
18. Pray For Me - The Moments (HOG 1965)
19. Get Yourself Together - The Caesars (Lanie 1967)
20. Any One Can Tell You - The Unifics (Somodo 2004)

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

We Got The Funk

Hey carnalz, been super buzy but heres a little drop to jam 2 today, Hope U all enjoy!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Familia Souldiez Vol 10 - Tricks Of The Trade

It's three months since our last outing of Familia Souldiez. Volume 9 yet again proved to be a winner with hundreds of downloads. But for some of our keen familia, three months waiting is just too long ! Let's hope you all feel the same ! Because we are gonna try to produce one of these bad boy volumes ONCE A MONTH from now on. A bit of a logistical nightmare, but hopefully our great family spirit can pull us through. The G MAN has come up with another masterful cover for "Tricks Of The Trade"; he will continue to be our regular cover artist. Regarding the theme, some of our brothers used their smarts to find titles with words from the theme in them; Guy, being a working man himself, concentrated on songs about trades or professions. But as the Wise Old Owl, Mello, pointed out, although the words "Trick" or "Trade" may not be in a song title or in the lyrics, a trick of the trade is also to come up with something new. So the rest of us just used this as an excuse to bring you some fine favorites or squirrelled-away rarities that we have been saving for just such an occasion as this. Let us know how we are doing with the series; it will help our motivation to keep producing the goods into the future. Enjoy the tunes ! RB

Track list:
01 - Jan Bradley - Tricks Of The Trade (Chi-Town)
Doylen, 1970
02 - The G.T.'s - Don't Blame Me (MzO)
Jed's, 1976
03 - The Savonics - I Had a Girl (Up In Smoke)
MTA, 1968
04 - Intruders - (Love Doctor) Doctor, Doctor (East LA Guy)
Gamble, 1970
05 - Eon - (You're The) Biggest Joke In Town (DustyRose)
Ariola, 1978
06 - The Symbols - Last Year About This Time (BillyMac)
Dore, 1963
07 - The Turks - You Turn Me On (BrownBoy)
JDO, 19xx
08 - Bobby Hill - I Wanna Be With You (Mello)
Lo Lo, 1970
09 - Otis Leavill - Just A Memory (RossyBoy)
Limelight, 1964
10 - The Carousels - Dirty Tricks (Chi-Town)
Gone, 1962
11 - Amanda Humphrey - I've Been Crying (MzO)
Norton, 1964
12 - The Linneas - Forever Baby (I'm Gonna Love You) (Up In Smoke)
Diamond, 1968
13 - Four Tops - If I Were A Carpenter (East LA Guy)
Motown, 1968
14 - New Concepts - How Deep Is The Ocean (DustyRose)
Philips, 1968
15 - The Starlets - My Last Cry (BillyMac)
Pam, 1961
16 - The Flamingos - That's My Desire (BrownBoy)
Chance, 1953
17 - Four Shades - Something Special (Mello)
Ronn, 1972
18 - The Cliques - The Girl In My Dreams (RossyBoy)
Modern, 1956. Featuring Eugene Church on lead.
19 - Jackie Russell - Don't Trade Love For Money (ChiTown)
Soul Kitchen, 1967?
20 - Ella Brown - A Woman Left Lonely (MzO)
Lanor, 1971
21 - Buck - Sugar Britches (Up In Smoke)
Sonnibuck, 1975
22 - Betty Wright - Secretary (East LA Guy)
Alston, 1974
23 - The Deltas - Gonna Move On (DustyRose)
Magic Touch, 1977
24 - The Sherrys - I've Got No One (BillyMac)
Guyden, 1961
25 - The Dreamlovers - While We Were Dancing (BrownBoy)
Heritage, 1962
26 - Train Robbers - Tricky  Dick (Mello)
St. Simons, 1977
27 - Paul Burton & The Stingers - So Very Hard To Make It (Without You) Pt 1 (RossyBoy)
Music-Go-Round, 1974

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