Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lost Angels Vol.4

Here we are, P-Stylze & Mello presenting Vol.4 in this series.
There's a number of female artists on this set to go along with that firme cover our man "P" has created. As always, we hope you enjoy our selections & are able to add some new one's to your collections. Comments are deeply appreciated.

Track List:
01. Candace Love - I Want To Get Back (P-Stylze)
02. Margie Joseph & Blue Magic - What's Come Over Me [Atco '75] (Mello)
03. Odds & Ends - Talk That Talk (P-Stylze)
04. Paul Williams - Once You Had A Heart (Mello)
05. Faye Hill & The Hill Sisters- You Come To Me In The Rain (P-Stylze)
06. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Much Better Off [Tamla '68] (Mello)
07. John Roberts - Something Reminds Me (P-Stylze)
08. The Apollas - All Sold Out [Warner Bros. '67] (Mello)
09. Michael Kirkland - Together (P-Stylze)
10. Sister Sledge - Weatherman [Atco '72] (Mello)
11. Otis Clay - It Was Jealousy (P-Stylze)
12. The Dramatics - You're The Best Thing In My Life [MCA '80] (Mello)
13. Synclayr's - You Came Along (P-Stylze)
14. The Sweet - Don't Do It (Mello)
15. The Showmen - What Would It Take (P-Stylze)
16. The Trammps - Seasons For Girls [Atlantic '77] (Mello)
17. The Temprees - Your Love (Is All I Need) (P-Stylze)
18. Five Flights Up - Do What You Wanna Do [TA '70] (Mello)
19. Sho Nuff - What Am I Gonna Do (P-Stylze)
20. Helena Ferguson - The Loneliness (Is Coming Again) [Compass '67] (Mello)
21. Ted Taylor - Sweet Lovin Pair (P-Stylze)


  1. hii guys ---its just me ---this looks like another banger in the lost angels set ha----as usual u guys have a super smooth cover and a mean arsenal of hard to find jamz---i know im gonna digg this--well thanx for the post homiez ---u dunn it again!

  2. Sup P 7 Y Mello. Really like them girl mijas throwing the P & M on the cover Firme! Them rolitas always go hand n hand. GRACIAS!

  3. ya'll did this comp without me & randy whats up with that lol just joking good looking out p & mello