Monday, November 14, 2011

Juvenile Delinquents Vol. 7

Qvo Familia,

A while back I started a set called Juvenile Delinquents. Well here is volume 7, If for some reason don't have the other 6 just hit me up and I will be more than happy to post the links. Just a heads up some of these rolas are not what we call rare, but its good to have them on one album. As for the other six some might have a couple of rare ones, hopefully there are some news ones for you.


  1. Orale Mac!
    Being a car guy, you know I'm diggin' the covers. And as a veterano, when it comes to the ladies, you have to remember; a woman is as old as she looks but a man isn't old until he stops looking. LOL! Great job on the post carnsl.

  2. Q-vo Mac,
    Thats a bad azz cover homie...Them rukas got it going on ese big time....As far as the rolas go homie...I know I can always count on you to drop some FIRME ones ese....And hell yeah to dropping them other volumes homie...I think I missed the train on them....

  3. Hey Mac, I might be gettin' ahead of myself ,you got a brother here that has no shame in sayin; thank you. Panch created this blog with anything goes & no demands. Lets see some respect from some of you peepers & downloaders that have remained silent. As an O.G. I despise gente like yourself.