Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best Of The Wallace Brothers

1. Lover's Prayer
2. Love Me Like I Love You
3. Faith
4. I'll Let Nothing Separate Me
5. Who's Fooling Who
6. I'll Still Love You
7. Precious Words
8. You're Mine
9. One Way Affair
10. Bye Bye Bye
11. Go On Girl
12. She Loves Me Not
13. I'll Step Aside
14. Hold My Hurt For A While
15. No More
16. Darlin' I Love You So
17. Stepping Stone
18. Girl's Alright With Me
19. These Arms Of Mine
20. Talking About My Baby
21. Thanks A Lot
22. Line Between Love And Hate


  1. Thanks for posting this one Panch, shoot me a hot link my plate is empty bro.

  2. Qvo P,
    This is a good one I lost this one back when my computer crashed. In fact I don't think it was complete. Send me the link, carnal gracias.

  3. My bad P,
    I figured it out homeboy.

  4. Thank you P, first day here feelin good!!

  5. Hey P, Gracias 4 the drop! This was sweet!

  6. can i get a link im still hungry gracias morenolok@gmail.com