Sunday, February 5, 2012

Classic 2morrow

Here's a little somethin' I put 2gether with the homie JOKERS WILD. A big shout out to LA BG who modeled for the cover. Hope U all enjoy!


1. It Sure Would Be Nice - Emory &The Dynamics (Jokers Wild)
2. Our Future - New Souls (Jokers Wild)
3. Ain't No Use In Crying - Fred Parris & The Restless Hearts (G-Man)
4. Baby I Love You - The Du-Mauriers (G-Man)
5. Faith - Wallace Brothers (Jokers Wild)
6. Lost Illusions - Rosie & The Originals (G-Man)
7. With A Little Love And Trust - Sam & Deb (G-Man)
8. And I Love Him - Klass Generation (G-Man)
9. Here Is My Heart - Harrison Brothers (Jokers Wild)
10. It's So Hard (Original Version) - Gene & Eddie (Jokers Wild)
11. That's What Girls Are Made For - The Four Dynamics (G-Man)
12. It's All Over Now - Freddie Watson & The Restorators (G-Man)
13. Gotta Have Love - Paul Varisco & The Milestones (Jokers Wild)
14. Unnecessary Tears - The Fantasions (G-Man)
15. I'm So Lonely - The Righteous Brothers (G-Man)
16. I Love You - O.C & The Originals (Jokers Wild)
17. Blue Mood - Julie Stevens (Jokers Wild)
18. Calling You Baby - The Venturas (Jokers Wild)

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of JOKERS WILD
Tracks courtesy of JOKERS WILD & G MAN
Album cover by G MAN



  1. Hey "G" & Jokers Wild, your work is never in vain when it comes to this vato. I'm over here appreciatin' all you do to keep these great sounds alive. A firme drop & luv ya for it...gracias!

  2. Thanks 4 the props Mello...itz much appreciated by both of us!

    G MAN

  3. Orale G,
    Straight gangster covet homie...I know these rolas will be just as FIRME as the cover....Gracias for the post....Some new rolas for me on this bad boy....

  4. Right on....thanx 4 the props P-STYLZE!

    G MAN

  5. Qvo G-Man,
    Hey man you and Jokers Wild put together some badass tracks. I was looking for that Klass Generation cut. Also the cover always firme homeboy, you get down, thanks homeboys

  6. Big thanx on the props from both of us Macabre...we really appreciate it homie!

    G MAN