Saturday, October 6, 2012

Familia Souldiez Vol 8 - The Trackz Of Our Tearz

You know how it is when a large family tries to get together. Something always gets in the way of the whole crowd managing to get to the party. Maybe work interferes; perhaps someone is away traveling. But, on the other hand, sometimes a prodigal son will turn up unexpectedly. Most of the regulars are here for our six-monthly offering. G Man has dropped another great cover. The autumn barbecue has hamburgers sizzling; there are cold beers and chilled wine. So let's just get this Familia party busting loose ! As always these are the Firmest tunes we can come up with. Let's hope there are new ones here for you and that you appreciate what the krew has brought to the table. I've put a bonus opener in to set the mood. Enjoy ! RossyBoy

Track list:
01 - The Mighty Diamonds - Tracks Of My Tears (RossyBoy)
"Ice On Fire" album, CBS, 1977
02 - The Motiques - Ohh Baby Baby (BillyMac)
unreleased Barclay, 1968?
03 - Minority Band - When You're Crying (DustyRose)
"Journey To The Shore"album, JSR Records, 1980
04 - Don Hart & James Shorter - I Shed A Tear (East LA Guy)
La Beat, 1966
05 - The Dells - Dry Your Eyes (Mello)
Vee-Jay, 1958
06 - The Temprees - Out Of My Reach (MzO)
"Dedicated To The One I Love" album (previously unreleased), Stax, 1994
07 - The Tymes - Hello Young Lovers (Macabre)
"So Much In Love" album, Parkway, 1963
08 - The Vibrations - When Will My Turn Come (Mr Joker 760)
North Bay, 1973
09 - 3 Steps To Heaven - My Little Girl (The Duke Of Soul)
Power-House, 196?
10 - Small Society - Just Loving You (G Man)
Caddie, 1973
11 - John Williams & The Tick Tocks - Blues, Tears and Sorrow (RossyBoy)
Sansu, 1967
12 - The Del-Chords (later as The Magnificent Men) - Daddy's Lonely Baby (BillyMac)
unreleased Impala, 1964
13 - Wanda Burt & The Crescendos - Your True Love Is Standing (DustyRose)
Music City, 1961
14 - Mary Holmes - After I Shed A Tear (East LA Guy)
Nassau, 1966
15 - Bobby Bland - Cry Cry Cry (Mello)
Duke, 1960
16 - Sonny Fisher - Hurtin' (MzO)
"Soul Pack From Houston, Texas Vol. 3" album, Columbia (Japan), 1978
17 - Tommy McLain - I Thought I'd Never Fall In Love Again (Macabre)
"Sweet Dreams" album, Ace, 1990
18 - Skip Jackson & The Shantons - Promise That You'll Wait (Mr Joker 760)
Dot-Mar, 1969
19 - Gene Chandler - My Love (The Duke Of Soul)
Brunswick, 1967
20 - The Delights - Listen To Me Girl (G Man)
unreleased, "Love Songs From Yesterday" album, Emandolynn Music, 2011
21 - Charles Drain - Is This Really Love (RossyBoy)
RCA Victor, 1975

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  1. THANKS RossyBoy, BillyMac, Rosalie, East LA Guy, Mello, MzO, Macabre, Mr Joker 760 & G Man!!!!!!! Awesome comp!!

    1. I guess I'll answer for all of us as long as I'm here Fernando. We all appreciate your recognition of the work that's been put in. Most was done by Rossy, as usual, when it comes to stuff like this. Always thinking & working to keep the familia interested. We're all glad you liked it!

  2. I just came back from the Sunny/Rainy Ft Lauderdale, Fl and I wanna say thanks to all whom participated and thanks to Rossy for all the work done.

    1. Welcome back & hope you enjoyed your get away MzO.

  3. Job well done to everyone involved...The familia came thru with some coo cutz.....

    1. Thanks Panch, I'm sure everyone appreciates your comment.