Friday, November 2, 2012

Monster Jams

Q-Vo hente!
Nothing scary here, just some good ol' DJ jams. Check out the track times on some of these babies.
This comp is password protected & will require a request if you're unaccustomed to participating on this blog by leaving a comment, or sayin' hello from time to time on the cbox . Not asking for much since it takes longer to download than it does to say thanks or hello. The "regulars" will find the p/w in their mail.

Download:  HERE


  1. thank you Mello!
    need the password
    btw do you have The Nassauvians's track Slacking Off?

    1. Thanks for your interest & request "J". The p/w has been sent along with the link for the track you wanted. Enjoy!

  2. Sweet drop homie,I never seen this comp anywhere...
    Leave it up to the veterano to come thru with a FIrME drop...gracias.

  3. Always coming with Halloween treats - good ol' Mello :-) :-) :-)

  4. This looks good, MELLO. I definitely need the password.

  5. Gracias for the kick down Mello...Much Respect Homie!