Friday, November 30, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marcia Griffiths - Carousel

Since Marcia Griffiths was posted earlier this month to fulfill a request, I thought I would drop this short set that includes her 1989 only charted hit (Electric Boogie) here in the "States". It was a very popular dance song that was better known as the "Electric Slide". Included you will also find  two cover versions of big hits at tracks three & seven.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Ambassadors - Soul Summit

Que Pasa Familia,
Everyone have a good thanksgiving?
Grab this for your firme tuesday and shoot me a line.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Soul Sisters

Hola mi familia, Hope all is well.. Heres a something to listen 2 over the weekend...Enjoy...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oldtimer Souldies Series No. 11 - Chicago Sugar

The Veteranos are on the road again. The pensioners' bus has headed north to Chi-Town for some cruising round the Chicago soul scene. As ever, there are some classic favorites, but you may well find some harder-to-find tunes as we leave the main roads and tour the back streets. Give us the green light if you like what we came up with. Those are The Vibrations on the cover. Talking of vibrations, maybe this ramshackle old jalopy will hold itself together for some further mileage ! RossyBoy for the Veteranos

Track list:
01 - The Majors - Lost In A City  (Mello)
Big Three, 1965
02 - Ledgends - I've Gotta Let You Go (BillyMac)
Red Balloon, 1969
03 - Otis Leavill - To Be Or Not To Be (East LA Guy)
Blue Rock, 1965
04 - Corey (Cicero) Blake - How Can I Go On Without You (RossyBoy)
Capitol, 1975
05 - The Vibrations - Forgive and Forget (Mello)
Okeh, 1966
06 - Anna Raye- Will You Be There (BillyMac)
Quality Sound, 19??
07 - Billy Butler & The Chanters - I'm Just A Man (East LA Guy)
Okeh, 1964
08 - The Impressions - Aware Of Love (RossyBoy)
"The Fabulous Impressions" album, ABC, 1967
09 - The Capers - Miss You, My Dear  (Mello)
Vee-Jay, 1958
10 - Annette Poindexter & The Pieces of Peace Orchestra - Wayward Dream (BillyMac)
Twinight, 1970
11 - Dukays - Festival Of Love (East LA Guy)
Nat, 1961
12 - Holly Maxwell - It's Impossible (RossyBoy)
Constellation, 1964
13 - The Dells - Wasted Tears  (Mello)
Mercury, 1977
14 - Majestic Arrows - I'll Never Cry For Another Boy (BillyMac)
Bandit, 1973
15 - Jerry Butler - Giving Up On Love (East LA Guy)
Vee Jay, 1964
16 - Renaldo Domino - You Don't Love Me No More (RossyBoy)
Smash, 1968
17 - Windy City - Let Me Ride  (Mello)
Chi-Sounds, 1977
18 - Johnny Davis - You've Got To Crawl To Me (BillyMac)
Bandit, 1972
19 - McKinley Mitchell - The Town I Live In (East LA Guy)
One-Derful, 1962
20 - Jo Ann Garrett - That Little Brown Letter (RossyBoy)
Duo, 1968
21 - Radiants - It Ain't No Big Thing  (Mello)
Chess, 1965
22 - Elvin Spencer - Lift This Hurt (BillyMac)
Twinight, 1971
23 - Artistics - I'm Gonna Miss You (East LA Guy)
Brunswick, 1966
24 - Sugar Pie DeSanto - Soulful Dress (RossyBoy)
Chess, 1964

Download here:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marcia Griffiths - Truly

Up in Smoke was looking for the closing track on this album " You Mean The World To Me" - great taste there ! You must all know by now how much I love Jamaican Soul ! So I thought I might as well post the whole album. The CD is on Studio One from 1999. RB

Track list:
01 - I Need Love
02 - Shimmering Star
03 - Truly
04 - Try A Little Smile
05 - I Shall Sing
06 - Stepping Stones
07 - Baby Oh Baby
08 - Tonight
09 - No No No
10 - My Ambition
11 - I Cried
12 - Sea Of Love
13 - Sha La La I Love You
14 - You Mean The World To Me

Download here:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Temptones

Here's a nice comp I was able to share from this PC, my main computer is not in service right now do to electrical problems,which is why I haven't shared much latley
 so grab if u don't have it...Enjoy! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Monster Jams

Q-Vo hente!
Nothing scary here, just some good ol' DJ jams. Check out the track times on some of these babies.
This comp is password protected & will require a request if you're unaccustomed to participating on this blog by leaving a comment, or sayin' hello from time to time on the cbox . Not asking for much since it takes longer to download than it does to say thanks or hello. The "regulars" will find the p/w in their mail.

Download:  HERE