Saturday, February 23, 2013

DustyRose and RossyBoy's Crossing The Tracks

Why did the the Elephant cross the tracks ?
To get into The Room.
Now there's an Elephant in The Room, but nobody's talking about it.
Why did DustyRose and Rossyboy cross the tracks ?
They were playing that Double Cross game, where each sends the other
six tracks and then they each supply another six tracks in response;
so the tracks are in pairs. Hopefully they've both got a nose for a good tune.
Their last collaboration was extremely popular so maybe people will
be talking about this one too !
Only one way to find out and that's to have a listen.
"I'm all Ears" as the Elephant might say.
And don't just talk amongst yourselves - leave a comment
and let others know what you think .....

Track list:
01 - Together - Love You, Need You, Want You (RossyBoy)
unknown, 197?
02 - Oliver - I Want Your Love, I Need Your Love (DustyRose)
"The Boss" album, MCA, 1982

03 - Delores Hall - Sha-La Bandit (DustyRose)
RCA, 1973
04 - OC Tolbert - Love Bandit (RossyBoy)
"The Detroit Funk Vaults: Funk & Soul From Dave Hamilton 1968-1979" album, Ace, 2012

05 - The Velvelettes - There He Goes (DustyRose)
IPG, 1963
06 - The Velvelettes - Think Of The Times (RossyBoy)
"The Very Best Of The Velvelettes" album, previously unreleased (1964), Universal-Motown, 1999

07 - The Soul Patrol - I'm Going Down (RossyBoy)
"Boogie" album, Sunnyvale, 1978
08 - Tavares - The Going Ups & The Coming Downs (DustyRose)
"Love Storm" album, Capitol, 1977

09 - Small Society - If You Stand By Me (RossyBoy)
Cadde, 1973
10 - The Jades - (Baby) I'm By Your Side (DustyRose)
Verve, 1966

11 - The Spinners - In My Diary (DustyRose)
VIP, 1969
12 - The Premeers - Diary Of Our Love (RossyBoy)
Herald, 1963

13 - The Five Satins - The Masquerade Is Over (DustyRose)
Chancellor, 1962
14 - David Porter - I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over (RossyBoy)
Enterprise, 1972

15 - Bonnie Bramlett & Dobie Gray - Never Gonna Give You Up (RossyBoy)
Capricorn, 1976
16 - The Dynamic Superiors - Don't Give Up On Me Baby (DustyRose)
"Pure Pleasure" album, Motown, 1975

17 - The Eight Minutes - Loneliest Girl In Town (RossyBoy)
"An American Family" album, Perception, 1972
18 - Side Effect - The Loneliest Man In Town (DustyRose)
"Portraits" album, Elektra, 1981

19 - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Love Won't Be Mine This Way (DustyRose)
"Climb The Ladder" album, Studio One/Heartbeat, 2000
20 - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Love (RossyBoy)
"Rock To The Rock: The Complete Wailers 1967-1972 - (Part 1)" album, previously unreleased, (Peter Tosh & Rita Marley vocals), JAD, 1997

21 - Cashmere - Tracks Of My Tears (DustyRose)
Philly World, 1983
22 - Brenda Russell feat. Lee Ritenour - The Tracks Of My Tears
"Between The Sun And The Moon" album, Dome, 2004

23 - Ash Soul, Inc. - I Do Love You (RossyBoy)
Soul Ash Productions, 19??
24 - Leslie Grace - Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow (DustyRose)
iTunes download, Top Stop Music, 2012

Download here:


  1. What a team! Great job DustyRose and RossyBoy. Thank you!!

  2. loving the lineup here :) cant wait to hear it thanx!!

  3. A thank you is in order when the both of you put your heads together to come up with a comp such as this.
    The word appreciation doesn't say enough for the work you both always do.

  4. Great work...Lots of new tunes ..Gracias!