Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rarest Of The Rare - Soul Harmony Vol. 2

Here goes volume two for you!
Again, available by simply asking for it so don't be shy!
The link was available by request only then I had computer issues.
Thanks everyone that had left a comment & I'm sorry if I was not
able to get to you or respond in a timely fashion.
The link is now available for all to enjoy!



  1. please send the link-killer series-deadwoodie

  2. Hey MelloCapone, send this bad boy my way homie!! Much thankz 4 sharing ese!!

  3. Mello, hun please send me this :)))))

  4. Qvo Mello,

    I see your having issues with your computer well come to the club. Starting a whole new external drive oh well live and learn... But i would love to add this edition to my new albums. Thanks Mello for all the hard work and time you put in.

  5. Damn homie...this is another sweet azz drop...Once again gracias for the knkw it is always appreciated...

  6. so much fun here
    Mello please share
    all killer no filler is what we want

  7. Hey Melly Mel,

    Hit your girl off with this comp!

    Thanks in advance, Blessings MzO

  8. Q~Vo Mello, Hope all is well in Chi-town,vol 1 is a killer so I know this one is gonna be Firme too! Gracias

  9. Hope y'all caught that now active link. As always your comments continue to be appreciated. To me, that's the way it should be. A little gratitude on your end for something & me also thanking you for it.

  10. Why is that so tuff for so me people?