Monday, September 2, 2013


Some of you may have been wondering where I've been. After rejoining the record collectors arena and six months of research I have finally come back to my normal life.

EASTSIDE GIRLS VOLUME 3 has been sitting on the shelf for over two years while I pursed working on my blog YOU FOUND THAT EASTSIDE SOUND.

It may be Labor Day and a blessed day off of work but this vato continues to keep the wheels turning.

Volume 3 once again focuses on female artists from the greater Los Angeles area back in the day and a few cruisin' memories. Hopefully you will find a new gem or two to add to your musical library.

Volume 4 will be in the works soon. ENJOY!!



01.Trudy Williams & The Sixteens - A Casual Look
02. The Sisters - Gee Baby Gee
03. Brenda Holloway - For All Your Love
04. The Rollettes - An Understanding
05. The Shondells - Don't Cry My Soldier Boy
06. The Teen Queens - Baby Mine
07. Karen Small - To Get You Back Again
08. The Pearlettes - Everyday
09. Shirley Gunter - Since I Fell For You
10. Betty Swann - I'd Rather Go Blind
11. Dolly & The Fashions - Absence Made My Heart Grow Fonder
12. The Ribbons - Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
13. The Sharmettes - Answer Me
14. The Sweethearts - What Is Love
15. The Ru-Bee-Els - Evil
16. Terri & The Velveteens - I'm Waiting
17. The Blossoms - No Other Love
18. Jennell Hawkins & The Dreamers - Do Not Forget
19. The Lockettes - Puddin' Pie
20. The Sa-Shays - Here Comes Love
21. The Delicates - I've Been Hurt
22. The Francettes - Late In The Evening
23. Linda Carr - A Heart Without Love
24. The Tears - Nothing But Love

Journey To The Eastside Here:


  1. Good to know you are okay Guy & back to what you call your normal life. Thanks to you we're all lucky to be able to take this Eastside Journey. Another great piece of work carnal !!!

  2. Sweet drop here homie..Good to hear from you homie..I was MIA for a minute also...Sup with the other 2 volumes homie...I dont think I came across them...Gracias

  3. Played this bag of goodies a coupla times already, Guy ! AWESOME ! Even more thankyous !

  4. looks sweet...Thanks for the weekend Tunes Carnal!

  5. ooh man this track list looks amazing :) anyone have the first 2??? cuz this is the first ive seen or heard of this series?? dazed