Friday, December 13, 2013

THE FOUR MINTS gently down your stream

This Friday's treat exists thanks to Rob & Ken..They are better known the world over as the Numero Group here in Chi-Town, and do a fantastic job of getting rare & collectable tracks from master tapes to CD & vinyl.

Here is some info they have provided: In 1973, Columbus, Ohio's Capsoul label issued it's one & only LP before limping out of business one year later. Though it is twelve inches in diameter & spins at 33 RPM, "Gently Down Your Stream" is no more an album than "Meet The Supremes"; rather, it's a compilation of five singles & one brilliant song saved from the cutting room floor. It was the Four Mints' entire commercially released output.


  1. A Firme group right here Mello, Gracias Carnal!

  2. Qvo Mello,

    Wow the gents, cant get any better my brother. Love this gruop and never had this one or maybe i did oh well i lost so many albums during the last crash. Thanks for the firme drop. I know Its been along time coming but i still haven't got a chance to go your way. We have someone covering that region now. Its all good I know i will that guy out there is fucking up. oh well I'll drop you line before i do. till then my brother.