Monday, February 3, 2014

GET SOUL - Old School Soul Sampler

It doesn't matter whether you call it "Soul Music", "Old School" or "Urban" (a title I never could figure out) - To me, it's all related to Gospel & Blues and, as such remains a true black american art form. Throughout the years it has been synthesized, homogenized, proselytized, criticized, idolized, & analyzed. It's also been widely imitated -- without it, there would've been no Elvis & there would be no Rolling Stones & countless other bands who've felt it's influence. It has brought people of all races & religions together in song & dance, serving as a universal antidote for bigotry & ignorance - indeed a lofty achievement for an art form.

As you can see, this compilation was intended for DJ's/radio stations, etc. & was not for sale.


  1. Hello Mello, A BIG THANKZ 4 the drop carnal !! Itz new 4 me and I want you to know that i appreciate it...I gotz to show U sum luv homie!!

  2. Appreciation goes backatcha BB for giving a damn. Where are all the rest of those so called soul lovers? Later man !