Thursday, July 31, 2014

Familia Souldies Vol.18 - Thats what love will do

Hola itz time to put the drop down on the the next chapter of the Familia Souldies seriez ( Thats What Love Will Do ).... Id like to give a BIG thanks to the Crew for all the FIRME tracks an the G-Man 4 this awsome cover!! This is one sweet comp, So kick back, relax and get ready to hear some great music. Please remember to leave a comment , We want to hear from you.... BrownBoy....


7th Wonder - For the Good Tmes (DustyRose)
Abet - 1973
Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls - The Duchess Of Earl (RossyBoy)
Big Top - 1962
Sweet Sensation - Sad Sweet Dreamer (Mello)
Pye - 1974
Black Ivory - No One Else Will Do (Bilymac)
Kwanza - 1974
Charley Wynn - Its You I Love (MzO)
Jim Gem - 1968
Curly Jr. Myrick - It Be's That Way (Up N Smoke)
Q Records - 19??
Spectrum - Lets Fall In Love (Chi-Town)
BrownDog - 1976
Moments - Girl Dont Go (BrownBoy)
Rino - 1972
Inner Space - Make It  Hard On Him (DustyRose)
Sweet Fortune - 1974
Elois Scott - Broadway Love (RossyBoy)
G Carol - 1968
The Stylistics - Love At First Sight (Mello)
Mercury - 1978
Tommy Turner - Ill Be Gone (Bilymac)
Elbam - 1965
Lonnie & Floyd - I Pledge (MzO)
Jewel - 1967
The Channels - Sad Song (Up N Smoke)
Enjoy - 19??
The First Love - Dry Your Eyes (Chi-Town)
HRC - 1981
O.C. Tolbert - All I Want Is You (BrownBoy)
Kent - 1967
The Impressions - Thats What Love Will Do (DustyRose)
ABC Paramount - 1964
Shirley Brown - Im Up To No Good (RossyBoy)
Soundtown - 1984
The Topics - Choice Of A Million Girls (Mello)
NCS  - 1978
Wooden Nickles - Take My Love (Bilymac)
Omen - 1965
Billy Young - Nothings Too Much, Nothings Too Good (Mzo)
Mercury - 1967
Jackie Moppins - Your Hurting Day Is Going To Come - Pt 1& 2 (Up N Smoke)
Mil Smi - 1975
West Wing - Look On The Brighter Side Of Love (Chi-Town)
20th Century Records - 1975
The Joytones - This Love That Im Giving You (BrownBoy)
Kent - 1965


  1. Time for people to respond to this tight series, don't you think?

    1. You for one is never in doubt Smoke, a solid player across the board my brother.

  2. Another great piece by the Krew !

    1. I agree Mello , Members should speak up let us kno how we do good or bad, anything is better than nothing carnal!

    2. You're right "Smoker" ! All we want is a familia feeling, that we're in this thing together.

  3. Gracias homie.....Gonna check this bad boy out...

    1. My main man Panch ! We go back a ways (5 yrs.) carnal & the love I have for you & family never diminishes carnal. Let me put it straight, it's just down right good to hear from count !

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