Monday, December 8, 2014

Eastside Story Boulevard Series Vol. 14

Qvo Cali Lifestyles Familia,

It's been a while since my last drop, but I hope I did not disappoint you guys with this album.  I thought about cutting this series short, but decided to continue the series. I hope that was a good idea, so lets see where this sweet low rider takes us cruising. I seen requests for the previous albums in this series. So depending on how many comments I get vs. downloads we will see if I will make those available.

 1. Baby Baby All The Time - The Superbs
 2. Can't We Be Sweethearts - The Metrotones
 3. I'm So Happy                   - Thee Dupremes
 4. Little Green Monster       - Exit
 5. Bad Boy                           - The Jive bombers
 6. Gee                                  - The Crows
 7. Magic Is The Night         - Kathy Young and The Innocents
 8. Are You Angry?              - Thee Midniters
 9. This Is My Story             - The Sa-Shays
10. Because I Love you       - Brighter Side of Darkness
11. Symbol Of Heaven        - Little Julian Herrera
12. Beware                          - Jesse Belvin


  1. gracias por compartir este gran album de coleccion

  2. Good Look'n out Macabre5150 for adding your own spin to the East Side Story's. Much appreciated. Gracias.

  3. thanks for this blog mate im gonna have to search thru it

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