Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Valentine's Day 30 Rare Soul Oldies

I know it isn't Valentines Day but wanted to share this with who ever don't have it...You know the drill...Link is in the cover.

01. The Emanons - One Heart
02. The Enkays - Say Yes
03. The Agents - You're Everything
04. The Agents - The Love I Hold
05. Clarence Williams - I Know About Love
06. Ballads - This Is Magic
07. The Exceptions - The Look in Their Eyes
08. Herb Johnson & The Impacts - I'm so Glad
09. Herb Johnson - Two Steps Ahead of a Woman
10. Herb Johnson - Tell Me So
11. Jeri & Joe - Cold Cold Love
12. Four Thoughts - Kisses & Roses
13. Four Thoughts - When I'm with You
14. The Topics - Dear One
15. The Passionettes - My Life Depends on You
16. Rocky Brown & The Impacts - I Wish I Knew
17. Topaz - It Wasn't a Lie
18. Gene Woodbury - It's Only You
19. The Dynamic Three - I Have Tried
20. Bernie Williams - Baby, I Want to Thank You
21. Essau & His Group - All Because of Us
22. Sweethearts - Come on Shugah
23. The Pheasants - One Kiss
24. The Pheasants - I've Tried Pt. 1 & 2
25. Howard Churchill & Radars - Bells Should Be Ringing
26. Allures - King Love
27. The Philadelphians - Coming Home to You
28. Delegates Of Soul - What a Lucky Guy I Am
29. Ronnie Walker - Really Really Love You
30. Ronnie Walker - Precious


  1. Orale "P" gracias for the drop Carnal the season don't matter as long as the rolas are firme keep them coming well appreciated

    1. No problem ese..its all about the music homie...

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  3. Yeah carnal, it may not be anywhere around Valentines Day but you're displaying some love towards the people that view this blog. I need to let you know that it's much appreciated on my end.

    1. All good Mello....I do what I can...

    2. I would love to hear this comp sounds good thanks!

  4. Happy Valentines Day P! I'll take it and appreciate it!! Gracias!

  5. Gracias, now I have something to play when the old lady's mad at me. Much appreciated. Tell her its valentine's day everyday.

  6. thx a lot , looks like another firme comp. mrramos711@gmail.com

    1. Your welcome homie...Pass is on the way.

  7. I'm a big fan of the work you and the 'familia' put together. I look forward to listening to some more firme rolita from your collection. Please send the Pw for this album to tikalcomp213@gmail.com. Gracias as always, and keep those records spinning.

  8. Im a big fan of love, so can you send your Jersey sis the PW. Thanks in advance

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  10. Gracias por los corazones collection, thank you very much. Keep the good material coming, gracias.

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    keep up the good work


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    This I will have the time to listen to your collections, because I will have to do a lot of hospital stays this, due to an important illness; when I listen to the music we both love, I don't think of anything else. Regards.

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