Wednesday, June 28, 2017


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Soulero's Underground Rolaz Vol. 1 REUP! & UPDATED
 Orale Nothing New Here Same Tracks Except For The New (Cover Artwork) That I Just Made! But This Time It's Been Properly Tagged With This New Artwork And Very Neat Organized,  For Those Of You Who Really Likes Its Soul Music & Your Comps Properly Tagged.!
So if you got already my old Soulero's Underground Rolaz Vol. 1 Comp I'll Suggest to discarded it and Replace It With This One instead of!

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Souleros's Underground Rolaz Vol. 1
All Tracks Mixed & Compiled By Brown Soulero

01 - The Mad Lads_Come Closer To Me_Chicago Radio(Volt)
02 - Johnny Soul - Hey Baby (the plea)
03 - Dynamite Singletary_I Really Love You
04 - Slim Moore & The Mar-Kays_Steppin' All Over Me
05 - United Sounds_It's All Over Baby.
06 - The Up Tights_How Long Must I Wait for You
07 - The Love Experience_Waiting For Your Love
08 - The Topics_Dear One
09 - Eldridge Holmes_Worried Over You
10 - Charles Bradley_Where Do We Go From Here
11 - Sebastian Williams_Get Your Point Over
12 - Accents_You Better Think Again
13 - Bump & The Soul Stompers_Standing On The Outside
14 - Delrays Inc_My Heart Is Not A Toy
15 - Hollywood Jills_Don't Try To Fake It
16 - Derrick Harriott_Float On Charmers lp 1978
17 - Felony Theft_When You Have Love
18 - Voltaires_My,My,My Baby
19 - Jerry Washington_Don't Waste My Time
20 - The Beachers_Something Deep Inside
21 - Los Dinamicos Exciters_Algo Muy Profundo
22 - Sam Savage_My Lady
23 - The Gospel I.Q.s_Peace In The Land
24 - The Halmilton Movement_She's Gone
25 - Bernie Williams_Baby I Want to Thank You


  1. Here I go again, I think I blew, Okay Carnal, please let me check out this new version, Thank you as always.

  2. muy buen trabajo y muchas gracias por compartirnos este album

  3. Good Look'n on improving on what is already probably good to go. Gracias on the effort.

  4. Alway apprecaite the work carnal. I can relate with the time it takes to put these comps together. Good job homie, Gracias

  5. Yup, nice work Homie, shoot it my way

  6. I can't wait to check this out.

  7. Gracias de nuevo por tu trabajo.

  8. Orale carnal let me get this drop and gracias for the time consuming I know it takes time to get it together well appreciated homie

  9. Don't have the initial compile thanks for the re-up and upgrade much love

  10. Got the links thank you very much, buenas chatas, I am playing them now. gracias.

  11. Hey, I'd like a compy of this comp...

  12. just found your blog, how can I get this comp?

  13. Orale Thanks Everyone for the comments And all the feedback I really appreciated...

  14. Orale carnal, please send me the 411 on this one. The cover is very nice and I just know that the music will be nice also.

    windycitydoowop AT


  15. This series is off the hook Carnal,Shoot them rolas homie..

  16. This was real smooth, i've been listening to it the past days at work. Theres really nothing like good music, thanks again.

  17. I wanna get in on this. chase.lewis AT comcast DOT net