Friday, January 7, 2011

Savage Souldies

Just thought i'd throw this up for any new members we get on here. Keep it solid homeboys

1. Cliffhangers-Since You Been Gone

2.Right Track-Baby I Love You

3.Family Circle-Stop Turn Around

4.Bobby Sanson and the Maus-Marks-Don't Leave

5.The Whatnauts-She's Gone To Another

6.The Joneses-Baby (There is Nothing You Can Do)

7.The Impalas-Speed Up

8.The Eliminators-Loving Explosion

9.The Diplomats-Accept Me

10.Clarence Glover-Keep Your Promises

11.Gene Chandler and Barbara Acklin-Show Me The Way

12.Friday, Saturday & Sunday-There Must Be Something

13.Brenda Holloway-Ooh, Baby, Baby

14.I'll Always Love You-Fred Moss

15.Blue Magic-In The Rain

16.Ronnie West-Lil' Woman

17.Tito Ramos-So You Need Someone

18.The Dreams-Do What You Wanna

Jam To The Cuts


  1. A sho nuff post worthy of being here Randy.
    It was your first solo comp & also a first for this blog. A Firme showing carnal!

  2. the homie from the mo doin big thangs on his first solo comp