Friday, January 21, 2011

Savage Funk Vol. 1

Me and the homie dukie duke wanted to put some tight shit for our funk fiend homies. hope you all enjoy let us know what you think.
1.You Bring Out The Best In Me-D.I.T Band
2.Destiny-Oattes Van Shaik
3.Hot Stuff-Raydio
4.I'm Willing-Ameega
5.Jail Bait-The Johnsons
6.Questions No Answers-Skyy
7.Yes You Thrill Me-Les Femmes
8.Free And Easy-Plush
9.Get On Freak-Catch
11.I Can't Let You Go-Tony Simmons
12.Sucker For A Pretty Face-West Philips
13.If You Can't Tell Me Nothing Good-The MarkIV
14.That Body-The X-Man
15.Stuck Up-Kwick

Funk Wit It


  1. hiiii randy and mister duke ---looks like u guys are busting out the big guns here ha---well right the fukk on ---im sure this one is gonna knock my sox off---thanx for all your efforts here---

  2. Nice drop here ese...These funk jams bring back some memories cruising on the blvd...