Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deepest Pockets

Qvo Familia,
Here is the last installment of this funk set. I posted this earlier, but went back to changed some stuff. I hope everyone is enjoying all the music on here. So please download and cruise on the blvd to these the song says "I got the Midas Touch, Everything I touch turns to Gold"...LOL


  1. Orale Carnal,
    This has been a FIRME set of Old School comps you put out ese...All the covers in this series were off the hook homie....The FUNK always brings back memories for me...GRACIAS ...

  2. Qvo P,
    You know i was thinking of added another volume. I figured if everyone likes the rolas.

  3. Hell yeah Homie....Put it down....

  4. hheeeeyyyy mac attakk ---thanx for the funk homie---its my fav so all ur kut are gonna knok extra hard in my trunk-----i dont kno if u kno --but the first one has the link to the second one and so on---anyways thanx again

  5. Another firme piece of work Mac, nice job you did all around.