Saturday, August 20, 2011


Q-vo gente!
Here we have Electro-Funk Essentials that spans the years 1978 thru 1985. Electro-Funk was in so many ways the sound of the 80's. The music combined the amazing new technological innovations in electronics with the frenetic pace of the burgeoning break-dancing hip hop culture of the Bronx, creating a new & exciting style of pop music that has influenced the music industry & energized dancefloors around the world for almost 20 years.

01. Scorpio [12" Mix] - Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five
02. Electric Kingdom [12" Mix] - Twilight 22
03. When I Hear Music [12" Mix] - Debbie Deb
04. Jam On It [12" Mix] - Newcleus
05. White Horse [12" Mix] - Laid Back
06. Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwork
07. Clear - Cybotron
08. I Wonder If I Take You Home [12" Mix] - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam w/Full Force
09. Will We Ever Learn? [12" Instrumental Mix] - Pretty Tony
10. Let The Music Play [12" Mix] - Shannon


  1. Gracias Mello,I don"t think I had this...They look like all the long versions...

  2. You're very welcome Panch! Glad to contribute in any way I can bro. You know, but this veterano may surprise a few people with some of the rolas this ol' boy got in his collection....goes back to the DJ days.

  3. What's up Mello,
    Just dropping some albums and check out yours. You have some really good music, thanks homie. Got to run getting ready to head out to job number two, catch you on the flipside brother.

  4. All good Mac, thanx for the prop & you're always welcome my brother. I hear you on that job thang!

  5. hiii mello---u know im a junkie for the funky right----thanx for the post