Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet' N Sour Harmonies

The Ultimate Sweet Ballads by The Groups from 1970's
A fabulous Atlantic Records Various Artists Soul Compilation. Featuring killer soul ballards from the male harmony super groups of the 1970's.
Another superb Japan Compilation for lovers of classic soul music. This is so hard to find, even in Japan.

Tracklist :

01. So Far Away - The Spinners
02. It Really Hurts - True Reflections
03. You Can't Reason With A Broken Heart - The Small Wood Brothers
04. All Strung Out On You - The Persuaders
05. Just Don't Want To Be Lonely - Blue Magic
06. I Just Want To Spend The Night With You - Ace Spectrum
07. Wild Goose Chase - The Moving Violation
08. Love Don't Love Nobody - The Spinners
09. Seasons For The Girls - The Trammps
10. Now That Your Mine Again - The Spinners
11. Say You'll Stay - Kleeer
12. Sugar Brown - Jimmy Briscoe & The Little Beavers
13. Don't You Know - Elusion
14. I've Been Through This Before - The Persuaders


  1. Nice one, Rosalie ! New to me .... many thanks !

    1. Your very welcome RB, Happy to add something new for you!

  2. Qvo Rose,
    Nice drop I don't think I ever heard of this one before thank you for this firme album.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mac, Glad u liked it :)

  3. You're 100% right Rose, the Japanese comps are generally produced in lots of 500 copies & go out of print quick. (Rare even in Japan as you mention). Superior remastering is also a part of what they do, so all of these tracks should be of the best possible quality. To my opinion this is a stellar drop & should not be taken lightly, get it while you can hente!

    1. Dang Mello, I didn't know that about the 500 copies..U know you always amaze me with a new piece of history & I love it! Thanks Homie

  4. Que Pasa Rose,
    Gracias for this drop girl...I havent even seen this before...I am telling you my Shy-Town homies are ALWAYS coming thru...

  5. Gracias P, To be honest I didn't either till someone asked about it & I went on a mission & found it...Not too shabby I say!