Monday, March 26, 2012

Temptation's 'Bout 2 Get Me

There she is looking so seductive calling us, inviting us. Telling us that she's the one we've been looking for. How can we resist, just look at her body so prime so sleek. With curves that just call our names ever so softly G-Man, Mello, P-Stylze, Macabre come with me. Serenade me with your songs, make me feel special, make me feel wanted, create me a link and share me with your friends. Let them taste what you have tasted, I hope you are all ready for this because after your done tasting this it will be you saying "Temptation's Bout 2 Get Me"

I would like to thank G-Man, Mello, & P-Stylze for the firme tracks on this collaboration. and for all the time and hard work you guys put in on this album, G-Man another firme cover homeboy, (hey can i get that chicks number). I hope we can all do this again, enjoy the temptation Cali Lifestyles.

Temptations bout to Get Me - G-Man

Say It - P-Stylze

Misty Blue - Mello

If My Heart Could Speak - Macabre5150

Tell Me - G-Man

Heart Full Of Soul - P-Stylze

Time Will Tell - Mello

Waiting For The Last Goodbye - Macabre5150

Be Thankful - G-Man

We're Gonna Be Together - P-Stylze

All I Wanna Do Is Spend My Life Loving You - Mello

Someday - Macabre5150

Beware - G-Man

Never Turn Your Back - P-Stylze

Your Time To Cry - Mello

If You Don't Love Me tell Me So - Macabre5150

You Are So Wonderful - G-Man

Hey Love I'm For Real - P-Stylze

Magic Man - Mello

Pay Back Is A Dog - Macabre5150


  1. My compliments to the chefs on this one. Lip smacking good stuff here. Job well done. Thanks for a great Monday evening!

  2. Damn thats a sweet cover G...I know the rolas will be just as sweet...Way to get down Carnals with your FIRME tracks...

  3. Hot Tracks with a Hot cover, Way to drop that bomb a** comp homies! Gracias for all your efforts & time putting this gem together.

  4. Nice drop homies, i appeciate all the hard work you guys put in to these gems! Thanks for sharing, firme cover G-Man!