Friday, May 3, 2013

Familia Souldiez Vol 9 - Poor Boy's Prayers

Late Spring: must be time for the familia to get together for that twice-yearly rendezvous! We toss around some tunes and try to find only the finest, the rarest and the firmest to share with our buddies. In time-honored tradition, I elect myself as the bonus-maker - getting to choose an extra opening track to set the mood. The theme this time out is "Poor Boy's Prayers" and the G MAN has out-done himself in the cover stakes in preparing the arte for this one. All the Lowriders will know Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk", released in 1959.  What many don't know is that the Farina brothers also wrote lyrics for that classic instrumental, although they never recorded a singing version themselves. But Betsy Brye did issue a version of "Sleepwalk" with lyrics that year. Trust our Sister DustyRose to come up with that gem ! Hope this latest volume keeps up the standards of yesteryear. Please let us know ! RossyBoy

01 - Oscar Toney Jr - I Wouldn't Be A Poor Boy (RossyBoy)
Capricorn, 1970
02 - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Can You Love A Poor Boy (Mello)
"Away We A Go-Go" album, Tamla, 1966
03 - Marvin Sims - Hurting Inside (BillyMac)
Mellow, 1967
04 - James Gadson - Just To Love You Girl (G MAN)
Cream Records, 1972
05 - William Hart - Follow Every Dream (DustyRose)
"The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh" soundtrack album, Lorimar, 1979
06 - Soul Ones - This Is My Prayer (East LA Guy)
Deal, 1971
07 - Billy Butler & The Enchanters - You Won't Let Me Forget You (MzO)
Right Track, 1966
08 - The Elgins - I Want To Be With You (Brownboy) 
previously unreleased, 1963, "The Motown Anthology" album, Universal UK, 2007
09 - Ralfi Pagan - My Dream (Macabre)
Fania, 1971
10 - Little Anthony & The Imperials - Prayer And A Juke Box (Chi-Town)
End, 1959
11 - Della Humphrey - (Girls Have Feelings) Just Like Boys Do (RossyBoy)
Arctic, 1969
12 - Billy Dodds & The Primes - Praying For You (East LA Guy)
Prime, 1962
13 - George McGregor & The Bronzettes - Temptation Is Hard To Fight (BillyMac)
Twinight, 1967
14 - Betsy Brye - Sleepwalk (DustyRose)
Columbia, 1959
15 - The Drew-Vels - I've Known (Brownboy)
Capitol, 1964
16 - C P Love - So Glad You're Gone (MzO)
unreleased Malaco, early 70s; "Malaco Soul Brothers Volume 2" album, Soulscape, 2010 
17 - The King Pins - A Lucky Guy (Macabre)
Vee Jay, 1963
18 - Final Decisions - Hour Of Your Need (G MAN)
Bumpshop, 1973
19 - The Untouchables - Poor Boy Needs A Preacher (Chi-Town)
Madison, 1960
20 - Double Exposure - Pick Me (Mello) 
Salsoul, 1976
21 - Calvin Scott - Never Found A Girl (RossyBoy)
"I'm Not Blind, I Just Can't See" album, Stax, 1973

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  1. I just finished listening to our volume nine.
    I want to thank all of you that were able to partake in this endeavor of meeting yesteryear's standards. They have been met!
    I personally was never in doubt with a familia such as all of you. Thanks for the fantastic cover, intro & tracks!