Wednesday, May 8, 2013


First a big "Thank You" goes out to RossyBoy for the awesome cover & title for my comp.
Yes, an old vato that has you covered in more ways than one LOL!. I don't mean to be repetitive but once again these versions are not by the original artists. I suspect some of these too may surprise as not being the original artists who sang these songs. I also continue to hope that I'm able to deliver some new tunes to you from my selection. I'll only know if you let me know.

  As a Chicagoan, I pass on a bit of info on track # 5. Her name may imply that she is of Japanese heritage but actually she was born Rosemarie Timotea Aurro in Chicago, & was the product of an Italian-American family that owned a local restaurant. She is also considered by many to be the first so-called blue-eyed soul singer of the 60's.

 01.A Fork In The Road - Rebbie Jackson
02.Darling, Forever - The Four Chevelles
03.I Who Have Nothing - Little Ray (Ramon Jimenez)
04.I'm Doing Fine Now - The Three Degrees
05.It'll Never Be Over For Me - Timi Yuro
06.Just Another Guy - The O'Jays
07.Love Is Here - The Dramatics
08.Love Makes The World Go Round - Papa's Results
09.Love On A Two Way Street - The Moments
10.Weep No More - Six Pak
11.When Love Slips Away - The Identities
12.Who Can I Turn To - The Main Ingredient
13.Let's Straighten It Out - Gwen McCrae
14.The Weatherman - Sister Sledge
15.How Can I Forget - Ben E. King
16.We Belong Together - Ritchie Valens
17.Precious, Precious - O. V. Wright
18.Close Your Eyes - Peaches & Herb

(Password request needed for access)


  1. Some new right off the back with track one Mello ...way to put it down ese...Firme cover RossyBoy!

    1. That's good to hear "Smoker", sent it to ya yesterday.

  2. just in time!
    never heard Timi Yuro before, password please
    thanks once again Mello!

    1. You're welcome! Timi had her first national in 1961, another in '62, & also one in 1963.

  3. aww man again always hook up sum sweet comps!! any way I can get that password???~Maggie

    1. Aww...thank you very much Maggie. Just shot it your way 'cause whatever I do is always available to you gurl.

  4. Sup Mello,That cover is off the hook first of all...Thats kinda how i pictured you lol...This is a FIRME comp carnal..My bad for not being around but I think the sacrifice is about to pay off...I will let the FAMILIA know if and when it happens...


    1. Yeah Panch, the cover...I thought so too & I do kinda see a resemblance also. It's good to hear from you & to know that things are all right. Even better if your sacrifice pays off, you deserve it carnal!