Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SOUL - Accent On The 70's Vol. 1

This is my start to a new series that will be at least five volumes. Rossy surely has captured a sense of the 70's on canvas for my cover & an excellent job at that my brother ! All tracks featured will have charted in the top one hundred according to the "Billboard" ratings.Most will be from the top of the charts & they will all be remastered versions & come from my crates. I always attempt to include an uncommon track or two that's not heard on the air waves. With that in mind, I hope there's something new that you like on this & the future comps in this series. A number of them you may not have heard in some time and/or some not at all. Well, now's your chance to go back to the 70's & enjoy some tunes of the era !

01. You Don't Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show) - Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.
ABC, 1976
02. Hang On In There Baby  - Johnny Bristol
MGM, 1974
03. Groove Me  - King Floyd
Chimneyville, 1971
04. Sara Smile  - Daryl Hall & John Oates
RCA, 1976
05. Shake It Well  - The Dramatics
ABC, 1977
06. Keep The Home Fires Burnin'  - Latimore
Glades, 1975
07. Touch A Hand (Make A Friend)  - The Staple Singers
Stax, 1974
08. This Is Your Life  - Norman Connors (Vocals: Eleanor Mills)
Arista, 1978
09. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours  - Stevie Wonder
Tamla, 1970
10. I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)  - Johnnie Taylor
Stax, 1973
11. While I'm Alone  - Maze feat. Frankie Beverly
Capitol, 1977
12. Bingo - The Whispers
Janus, 1974
13. You Can't Change That  - Raydio
Arista, 1979
14. Sweet Sticky Thing  - Ohio Players
Mercury, 1975
15. Dancing To Your Music  - Archie Bell & The Drells
Glades, 1973
16. Ain't No Sunshine  - Bill Withers
Sussex, 1971
17. I'll Be Around  - The Spinners
Atlantic, 1972
18. Hollywood  - Rufus feat. Chaka Khan
ABC, 1977


  1. Get down Mello, I see some new ones already..Gracias !

  2. Say "Smoker", a comment such as yours makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Gracias to you too for it carnal !

  3. Hey Mello sweet drop carnal!! Much thankz!

  4. You should have access to the link where we hang out. If you didn't get it, let me know & I'll shoot it your way.

  5. :P hehe hella loving tracks 3 & 4..but como siempre loving && appreciating you sharing with this dazed gurl

    1. Glad there was something on this for you 'cause you're appreciated also.

    2. :) hehe...aww chucks there u go makin me feel all special n stuff..

    3. And what made you feel that you didn't rate gurl? Shucks, you know better than that !

  6. yes yes yes Mello i'm ready for the Whispers!

    Thank U

    1. Say jiubugaosuni, you showing up & dropping a comment means a lot my friend. It's good to see I had somethin' on this comp for ya.