Monday, October 14, 2013


Q-VO !
Mello strikes again thanks to the "Firme" cover our man Rossy produced to represent my offering. You  seem to always come through when needed & I love you for it chief !
And with the thought of  MzO's sublime evening at the concert, I thought I'd kick this set off with a touch of "Smokey" to keep her feet off the go girl ! I've been a "Smokey"/Miracles fan since 1958 & my wife & I last saw his memorable performance back in July of 1984 here locally.
Although classics are used in the title, you'll find some rare ones included on this set if you're looking for vinyl versions.
Chicago to is also well represented with ten tracks being associated with my windy city. Regardless my friends, there should be a track or two that are new to most any listener. Please enjoy this presentation & don't forget to drop a comment, it helps a lot in the inspiration & motivational department if you have any interest in future volumes of this sort.

01. Since You Won My Heart - The Miracles (Tamla 1965)
02. Tomorrow Is Another Day - Billy Butler & The Enchanters (Okeh 1966)
03. Dreams Of Contentment - The Dells (Vee-Jay 1955)
04. Think Nothing About It - Gene Chandler (Constellation 1964)
05. You May Not Love Me - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (Landa 1965)
06. Let's Prove Them Wrong - Debbie Taylor (GWP 1969)
07. Let's Start Over - The Ringleaders (m-pac! 1963)
08. Queen Of Hearts - The Sheppards (Owl 1974)
09. Finding Out The Hard Way - The Vibrations (Okeh 1965)
10. Falling In Love Again - The Heartbreakers (Miracle 1965)
11. My Heart Isn't In it - The Superbs (Dore 1965)
12. Come Back My Love - The Impressions feat. Jerry Butler (Abner 1958)
13. Once You Fall In Love - Eddie McLoyd (Dakar 1975)
14. Just Because Of You - The Gaslight (Polydor 1975)
15. Darling, Darling, Darling - Bobby Womack & The Valentinos (Chess 1984)
16. Homely Girl - The Chi-Lites (Brunswick 1973)
17. Hey Love - Stevie Wonder (Tamla 1967)
18. Pray For Me - The Moments (HOG 1965)
19. Get Yourself Together - The Caesars (Lanie 1967)
20. Any One Can Tell You - The Unifics (Somodo 2004)

~A Request Will Be Needed For The Download~
(If you forgot how to type we're faced with a dilemma, I also forgot how to send the link.)


  1. Aww Yeah..My homie comes thru with a bad ass comp...Sweet lookin cover Rossy..That riviera brings back some memories...let me check this bad boy out...gracias Mello for the drop..

    1. Thanks Panch and yes, Rossy did really come through with this one. That '71 Riviera with the hombre in the background brings back memories for me too....only it was the "Mexican Riviera"....Cabo San Lucas to be precise...LOL !!!

  2. Qvo Mello,

    Nice looking album sorry have not been around to drop any lines to anyone but this job has me busy from dusk till dawn. I hope now i can be home for some much needed rest. I have tomorrow off so i will be posting an album here, I might have some bad news on my own blog, something that i was recently just found out. Any ways shoot me that link my way. God bless you all and your familiy

    1. It's good to hear from Mac !
      I see el jefe has had you workin' like a slave.
      But my friend, that's how those bills get paid & the mouth's get fed. Enjoy your much needed day off carnal and also, I shot the link to you yesterday...enjoy that too !

    2. What's cooking with your blog Mac? You don't make it sound to good.
      You've got a brother here that cares about it. Shoot me a mail & bring me up to date.

  3. Antonio Aguilar on the cover..Shaooo, get down RossyBoy! Great Mix of Tracks Mello, my hands down to you Homie!

    1. Orale "Smoker" !.... "El Charro de México", he was a multi-talented man that left quite a legacy. Rossy did him honors by including him on the cover. Gracias on the "Mix" thang & glad you liked it.

  4. como siempre Id really appreciate if you hook this dazed girl up!! gracias

  5. No, it's me in a daze seein' you show up. I'll see that you get this comp in a few carnala. Don't be a stranger gurl, we all love havin' you around.

    1. hehe gracias....oh you know I appreciate it..listening to it as I type gonna have to put this on my phone so it can go everywhere with me :P

    2. your comment, I'd say you liked it & that's good 'cause I try.

    3. this dazedgurl loved it on repeat.....:P told ya I put it on my phone so I can hear it even when im not home :)

  6. Sup Mello Man can I get a pick of these goodiez??

    1. ?? You know you don't have to ask carnal 'cause you know where my stuff is with an active link. When the Stylistics sang "Closer Than Close"
      they may have had the hot hideaway in mind. LOL !!!

  7. long time no see Mello
    been travelling a lot lately
    i was listening to Helen Shapiro - Baby It's You
    i thought i should come back here Cali lowrider home base
    please send me a link
    this is what i need!!

    Thanks Mello!

  8. Sorry for the delay Jay, will get it to ya in a bit. Man, I'm surprised to hear from you as I forgot you were a member of this private blog.

  9. qvo i know its and old comp but looks like a must have homie gracias homie

  10. Aye Man could i get a dl link to this set i would appreciate it man i barely discovered your site and you i got to tell it like it is you got some great stuff. Email i would highly appreciate it