Saturday, November 29, 2014

Familia Souldies Vol.22 - I Bet You Never Knew

The CREW put together 21 hot tracks for you to savor , And The G-Man puttin it down with a cover thats on fire ! So get ready to take a slo ride down memory lane cruizin to the FIRME sounds of the next chapter of Familia Souldies ! Please drop a comment and let us know what you think , Its always welcome and much appreciated ! 
A special thanks to the CREW for taking time out of their busy schedule to make this happen !

...Track List...

I Didnt Know - The Invitations - Silver Blue , 1974 (DustyRose)
Dont Want To Be The Girl That Cries - Gloria Taylor - Mercury , 1971 (RossyBoy)
I Betcha Didnt Know That - Fredrick Knight - Truth , 1974 (Mello)
Are You Lonely - Backyard Construction - B.Y.C. , 1980 (BilyMac)
I Know, I Know - Pookie Hudson And The Spaniels - Double L , 1963 (ChiTown)
Dumb Dude - Bloodstone - London , 1973 (Up N Smoke)
Its Gonna Take A Lot To Bring Me Back - The Manhattans - DeLuxe  , 1970 (BrownBoy)
The Oubliettes - Angel Baby - NY HED Studios , 2012 (DustyRose)
I Dont Need You Anymore - Willie Harper - Tou Sea , 1968 (RossyBoy)
I Wanna Be With You - The Miracles - Tamla , 1974 (Mello)
Everyone Has Someone - Linda Perry - Mainstream , 1974 (BilyMac)
If You Dont Know Me By Now - Harold Marvin & The Blue Notes - P.I. , 1972 (ChiTown)
I Was There - The Delfonics - Cameo , 1967 (Up N Smoke)
Its Was A lie - Bobby Moore & The Fourmost - Red Bird , 1966 (BrownBoy)
I Know, I Know - The Royal Jesters - Clown , 1968 (DustyRose)
Love Is Pretty - Denise Chandler - Lock , 1968 (RossyBoy)
Something I Want To Tell You - Johnny & The Expressions - Josie , 1965 (Mello)
Thats Why I Cry - Karen Small - Venus , 1966 (BilyMac)
You Never Really Know Till Its Over - The Vel-Vets - Dore , 19?? (ChiTown)
Thoughts - Innersouls - Funk 45 , 1973 (Up N Smoke)
My Mistake - Karen Brooks - Soul O Watts , 19?? (BrownBoy)


  1. Thanks for getting all of us together for this one Brownboy. Another outstanding bit of work on your part. Others may not know but I know how valuable your time is at this time. Gracias again my brother !

  2. Sweet drop homie..All the heavy hitters on this bad boy..Gracias for the share..

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