Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Yo Face The History of Funk Vol. 1 - 5

What's up Everyone Macabre5150 here to bring you some funky music to you. I had some trouble uploading the covers but I guess this will do. I'm just going to posting the entire set, why wait right? This is a good lookin set so I said why not share it. So now it's here for your listing pleasure. So enjoy the funk and the rest of week take care.


  1. hii there mac---im a big ol funk junkie so this is really peaking my interest---thanx for the work u put into this and thanx for sharing

  2. I didnt have this series homie....Gracias for sharing..You see ese what we think everyone has we find out we dont...thats whats cool about what we do que-no.

  3. Hey MAC, I dont gotz this either, looks tight homie, can U hook me up with the links, thanks ese..