Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Northern Soul Of... L.A.

Something for the long holiday weekend....enjoy!

01. The Servicemen - Sweet Magic
02. Soul Gents - Wonders Of Love
03. The New Yorkers - You Should Have Told Me
04. The Paramounts - Under Your Spell
05. The Four Tempos - This Is The Way I Feel
06. The Trips - There's That Mountain
07. The Emotions - Do This For Me
08. Shades Of Jade - It Was Wrong
09. The Furys - Anything For You
10. The Mystics - Jealous Of You
11. The Phonetics - Don't Let Love Get You Down
12. The Versatiles - Your Good Enough For Me
13. The Angelenos - Down In East LA.
14. Sun Lovers - You'll Never Make The Grade
15. The Tempos - Sad Sad Memories
16. Inspirations - No One Else Can Take Your Place
17. The Majestics - I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me
18. The Vines - Hey, Hey Baby
19. The Remarkables - Is The Feeling Still There
20. Soul Patrol - Save Your Love
21. The Sinceres - Girl, I Love You
22. The Prominents - Just A Little
23. The Four Sights - Love Is A Hurting Game
24. The Sunlovers - My Poor Heart
25. The Younghearts - Beginning Of The End


  1. hii there mister mello--how u dooin?-----soooo yeah ---lookin kool ---im really into the theme here---u kno im from la---and if i look at the map u kan see where im from---anyways thaanx for the firme post here---see ya in the cbox

  2. Doin' okay Grumps & hope you & family are too. I didn't know you're from the LA area.... it should be a good addition for your collection then.

  3. This is a sweet drop mello...I dont think I had this one Carnal...Gracias for the kick down.....

  4. Hey my brotha Panch, that's what we're here for, try to expand everyone's collections. If you didn't have it, glad to come thru with somethin' new for ya.

  5. Hey Mello, just wondering if U can sent me a link 4 this bad boy carnal, this looks sweet homie!

  6. I think the link has expired on this one...looks firme too...sendspace hs the habit of deleting links if they arent active..I'd go with mediafire or even 4 shared holds up to 2 gig files free..