Friday, September 23, 2011

Milk Chocolate Souldies


Well this is a first gente, Blogger will not accept the covers for this post.
I get a pop up that the characters can not be used, a copyright issue I'm sure.
So that Mac's firme art & font work is not in vain, they are included in the folder.
We both hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as you cruise through the weekend.

01. The Soul Generation - That's The Way It's Got To Be (Body & Soul) [Macabre]
02. Billy Butler & The Chanters - I'm Just A Man [Mello]
03. First Class - What About Me [Macabre]
04. The Whispers - Creation Of Love [Mello]
05. The Ethics - Sad Sad Story [Macabre]
06. The Vows - When A Boy Loves A Girl [Mello]
07. The Montclairs - Make Up For Lost Time [Macabre]
08. Gene Chandler - Man's Temptation [Mello]
09. Big Jay Mc Neely - There Is Something On Your Mind (Pt.1) [Macabre]
10. Honey & The Bees - (You Better) Go Now [Mello]
11. Big Jay Mc Neely - There Is Something On Your Mind (Pt.2) [Macabre]
12. The Delfonics - Tell Me This Is A Dream [Mello]
13. Lovehorn - If [Macabre]
14. The Voice Masters - In Love In Vain [Mello]
15. The Five Stairsteps - World Of Fantasy [Macabre]
16. The Dynamics - Count Your Chips [Mello]
17.The Sunlovers - This Love Of Ours [Macabre]
18. The Elements - I'll Remember You [Mello]
19. Bloodstone - Who Has The Last Laugh Now [Macabre]
20. The Mayberry Movement - What Did I Do Wrong [Mello]



  1. Hey Mello,
    The sound quality is great, I feel honored to work with the master of sweet ballads (Mello) on this album. Hopefully we can do another one or just keep the volumes going. Thanks again

  2. Not a master Mac, just a veterano that cares about the rolas we all seem to love.
    A well deserved shout-out to you for finding the time in your busy schedule to get this baby together....splendid job all around Mac!

  3. Orale Carnal's,
    his is a FIRME drop here...Sweet looking covers and the concept is off the hook,Gracias for sharing homies...

  4. Thanx alot for getting the covers issue sorted out Panch. You da man...I just knew you could do it if it was possible. Gracias for those props too carnal!