Monday, August 6, 2012

Chicano Sweet Soundz - Blind Over You

This one gets posted because of a conversation I had on the phone with "Smoker".
He didn't have it so I shot it his way. As long as I had to go through the motions I figured why not post it in case some of the familia missed it when it came out. It comes at ya from the original cd with front, back, & cd scans. Please enjoy if it's new to ya!

                                                           Get It Here


  1. THANKS Mello!!!!! New to me, don't have this one. Dope drop!

  2. Gracias for this drop Mello,Some sweet soul rolas on this baby...

  3. Gracias Mello, i'm enjoying this drop for sure.

  4. Nice drop carnal !! thiz comp is sweeet!