Sunday, August 12, 2012

The 12" Singles Collection (Vol.1)

This was a bootleg recording that was not officially released by Prince or under any other legal authority.
This is volume one from a tin (five) cd box set released in 1994 in Australia. Professional-quality sound engineering & packaging was used to create this set. It was pulled off the market shortly thereafter by Prince's legal team making the original set highly collectable & ultra rare.

I recorded this from the original box set on professional recording equipment a few years later. This was prior to the introduction of consumer grade audio recorders in 1998 that allowed people to record their own compact discs.

Download :


  1. Qvo Mello,
    Nice drop ese , i have this set prince has to be one of my favs. If you dot have out guys grab it.

  2. sweeet drop Mello ! cant wait to check this rarity out carnal!!

  3. Sweet drop here Mello,
    Prince dont play..We used to bump this all the time...he also brings back memories of APPOLONIA!!!!!


  4. Wow this is definitely a nice drop Mello, Prince is also one of my Fav's...Gracias!

  5. I didn't have this one,can't wait to give a listen, Thanks Mello!