Friday, December 28, 2012

Brenton Wood - Baby You Got It - The 1960's Anthology (2CD's)

A little something I ran across that some of you may want,  Enjoy! 
                     @-}--- Rose

Disc 1 

01. Gimme Little Sign  

02. I Want Love   
03. Boogaloosa Louisiana'   
04. I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up  
05. Great Big Bundle Of Love  
06. Hide-A-Way  
07. Lovey Dovey Kinda Lovin'  
08. Diamonds   
09. Good Lovin'  
10. I'm The One Who Knows  
11. Ooh La-Da-Dee  
12. Change Is Gonna Come  
13. Little Happy-Go-Lucky Girl  
14. Runnin' Wild  
15. Need You Girl  
16. Take A Chance  
17. Whoop It On Me   
18. Can You Dig It  
19. Psychotic Reaction  
20. Come Here, Girl  
21. Kid Games And Nursery Rhymes  
22. Goodnight Baby
Disc 2
01. The Oogum Boogum Song  
02. Baby You Got It  
03. Me And You  
04. Cross The Bridge   
05. It's Just A Game, Love  
06. Two-Time Loser  
07. Mr. Schemer  
08. Who But A Fool  
09. Some Got It, Some Don't  
10. I Like The Way You Love Me  
11. Best Thing I Ever Had  
12. Trouble   
13. Catch You On The Rebound  
14. Sweet Molly Malone  
15. Where Were You  
16. Need Your Love So Bad  
17. Give It Up  
18. Little Bit Of Love  
19. Sad Little Songs (La Tee Ta)  
20. Birdman  
21. Darlin'  
22. Too Much Too Soon  

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  1. You got that right Rose...I want it!
    Gracias for the delivery homie.

  2. U know I gotz to get my grubby handz on this one Rose, Thankz homegirl!!

  3. Hey Rose,
    Thanks for this firme album never seen this one

  4. Your so welcome Mello, BB & Mac,!!

  5. Thanks for this Rosalie...I did not have this comp...

    1. YVW I'm glad I was able to add to your library P, Happy New Year !

  6. Nice one, Rose ! Thanks, and a Happy New Year to you !!!

    1. Your so welcome RB & Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. Firme kick down Carnala...Gracias!

  8. Very, very nice Rose. Gracias homie.