Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tammi Terrell - Come On And See Me - The Complete Solo Collection

I don't know if this has ever been posted but here's a Double CD of the Late Fantastic Tammi Terrell, all covers included inside.
@>--;-- Rose



  1. Firme Carnala, Thanks for the kick down!

  2. Hey Rose,
    Great drop never had this one so you know I'm excited. It's crazy over here in WA. oh well some one has to be the bad guy. Sometimes I hate my job....But this will help. Thanks Rose your awesome.

  3. Ooooooh .... "Live at the Rooster Tail" - worth the (free) admission for that rarity alone !!! Thanks for a great drop, Rose !

  4. Here is a track list so you can see what you're gettin'. Sweet drop Mizz Rose.


    cd 1
    01 If You See Bill - Tono Mendez
    02 It's Mine - Tono Mendez
    03 Voice Of Experience - Tono Mendez
    04 I Wancha To Be Sure - Tono Mendez
    05 Sinner's Devotion - Tono Mendez
    06 Make The Night A Little Longer - Tono Mendez
    07 Big John - Tono Mendez
    08 I Cried - Tammi Terrell
    09 If You Don't Think - Tammi Terrell
    10 If I Would Marry You [Stereo] - Tono Mendez
    11 This Time Tomorrow [Stereo] - Tono Mendez
    12 I've Got Nothing To Say But Goodbye - Tono Mendez
    13 I Can't Hold It In Anymore - Tono Mendez
    14 If I Would Marry You - Jimmy Radcliffe & Tammy Montgomery
    15 I Can't Believe You Love Me - Tammi Terrell
    16 That's What Boys Are Made For - Tammi Terrell
    17 Come On And See Me - Tammi Terrell
    18 What A Good Man He Is - Tammi Terrell
    19 Tears At The End Of A Love Affair - Tammi Terrell
    20 This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - Tammi Terrell
    21 He's The One I Love - Tammi Terrell
    22 Can't Stop Now (Love Is Calling) - Tammi Terrell
    23 Just Too Much To Hope For - Tammi Terrell
    24 Hold Me Oh My Darling - Tammi Terrell
    25 I Can't Go On Without You - Tammi Terrell
    26 Baby Don't Cha Worry - Tammi Terrell
    27 There Are Things - Tammi Terrell


    cd 2
    01 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    02 All I Do Is Think About You
    03 Slow Down
    04 I Gotta Find A Way To Get You Back
    05 Oh How I'd Miss You [Demo]
    06 Lone, Lonely Town
    07 You Ain’t Livin’ ’Till You’re Lovin’
    08 Give In, You Just Can't Win
    09 When Love Comes Knocking At My Heart
    10 Memory Chest
    11 That's How It Is (Since You've Been Gone)
    12 More, More, More
    13 Two Can Have A Party
    14 My Heart
    15 Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
    16 Kissing In The Shadows
    17 Beware Of A Stranger
    18 It’s Been A Long Time Happenin
    19 Almost Like Being In Love [Live]
    20 Stage dialogue with emcee Scott Regan [Live]
    21 I Can't Believe You Love Me [Live]
    22 What A Difference A Day Makes/Runnin’ Out Of Fools/Tell Me The Truth/Baby Love [Live]
    23 Come On And See Me [Live]

  5. Big thanx 4 the hook up Rosalie....itz much appreciated!

    G MAN

  6. Your so welcome familia... my pleasure, Chi-Twon if u click the back cover it gets bigger to read, is why I didn't bother lol but THANKS for posting the tracks!! :)

  7. Say Rose awsome drop homegirl, a BIG thankz!!!

  8. Hay Rose, is there a chance od re-upload? I've felt in love with Tammi's voice while discovering Great Marvin's music... She's breathtaking, and has so tragic end... :(